Coffee table with boxes of fruit

They can be fruit, wine or what you get, as are the same and are in good condition, will give you a warm and rustic touch to the decoration of the room .In effect, this table do not require too much work. While the boxes were sanded and arranged them the way it looks in the photos. They are screwed each other well and added some wheels for easy movement.

Coffee table with boxes of fruit

These boxes have been previously sanded, also gave the finished painting them with tea and vinegar, finished with a matt varnish coats. Of course, if you have a tinter for commercial timber, can work.Another detail that should not leave out is held a small wooden frame size of the gap between the boxes and bolted inside, is lovely to place ornaments – corks in this case -Recently, we showed an interesting project, although it was not made ​​with wooden pallets, if we consider that within the pallet furniture, because to do so we used recycled fruit boxes, you can see here the post in question .Pallets Furniture Today you can see a very similar project of the same base, use fruit boxes supported laterally to make a table.

It is very easy to do, in the pictures you can fijaros on the exact procedure. We will need the following:

4 boxes of fruit (or something very similar)
4 wheel (or wooden supports but better if we use some wheels)
One wooden table (with the dimensions of the entire table will serve as a base)
Varnish, wood oil or paint
Wood glue

Firstly we need a wooden board with the same dimensions that give the entire table, we need to know the dimensions placing the 4 boxes of fruit together as we can see in the picture, next to each other involving the center. This table below will place the 4 wheels at each corner with the necessary screws.

Well now that we have the base of the table will give you back, and she will post fruit boxes as we had previously thought, take the opportunity to put aside his side as the top of the table, and the opening of the box will be like a drawer in which to place our magazines, books, paperweights and other decorative elements … To set the boxes on the table use the wood glue.

We have made the table and just miss the final decoration, we can paint, varnish or apply a special oil for wood. In the example table we applied 2 coats of varnish and the result is amazing as you can see! seems a table purchased at a designer boutique Coffee table with boxes of fruit

If you liked these furniture pallets please share this post on Twitter or Facebook ! From Furniture Pallets will be very grateful. A final point is that the wood was transferred on some inscriptions in French, with a technique as we learned long ago , gives a sharper look vintage and rustic furniture.As you know, we love furniture made ​​from any material recycled , since in most cases designs surprise with original, unique and very personalized. So, this time I want to show this model of table I found on the blog Pallets furniture, which is made ​​with a fruit boxes recycled. already know that these types of cases are very easy to manipulate and tune to create all kinds of accessories such as trays, magazine racks and even trunks. However, as you see, we can go further to get authentic occasional furniture . course, to do this we need to get some boxes of sufficient size and strength to support its own weight and we put up. In the example shown in the photograph have used only two, but we can combine four of the most square, for example. So, all you have to do is put dunks, facing the base together.

To join them, we can choose a strong adhesive, but will be much safer if we stick the two bases from the bottom of the boxes. Meanwhile, these boxes are made ​​of wood very easy to transform and decorate, so we can provide to our table any style. ‘ll just have to sand, giving a primer and paint. Moreover, some technique, such as stencil or decoupage seals, we can get designs unique. Finally, to make our table more comfortable and useful , it is best to put some legs to lift it or even some wheels to transport it. What do you think? Would you urge to copy it?

Coffee table with boxes of fruit

Coffee table with boxes of fruit

Coffee table with boxes of fruit

Coffee table with boxes of fruit

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