Decorate Bathroom on Budget

The bathroom is one of the places in the house that we forgotten … pay close attention to the decor of the rest of our homes but the bathroom is always there, cold and forgotten, as if they were part of our daily life. So if you are looking for ways to give a little more prominence to the bathroom, I share with you some ideas of how to decorate the bathroom with little money .

Decorate Bathroom on Budget

Some people spend very little time in the bathroom, others get to have a whole library in there to ‘entertain’ the time spent on it. I think when thinking about decorating the bathroom we have to think how we use it and how we can make it a nice place for a rich bath, either in the shower or tub.

Aspects to consider
The lighting and painting are essential to achieve a tasteful space, so if you choose paint colors that bring light into the bathroom.
The shelves are a great way to decorate and make space saving, and are cheap, why are ideal to decorate when you have low budget.

The mirrors are a must, after all, where we managed after showering or before going out. So place a mirror is a good idea to decorate and also provides feeling of being in a larger space.

Decorate Bathroom on Budget

The shower curtain not only serves to avoid wetting the entire bathroom to shower, is also part of the decor, so pick a nice shade of light tones help to decorate this space and keep lit.

Accessories such as candles, bath salts and soap petals are a must, but do not abuse mainly because it is a small room.
Already have redecorated your bathroom?, Can tell us your experiences below and also find more ideas by clicking on the link to bathroom decor .







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