Decorating rented house

Decorating a home for rent is not the same to decorate a home, and we are limited to the time of making major changes in interior design if these are not liked by the owners. Moreover, it makes no sense to invest heavily in a house that is not ours. Here are some tips to decorate a rented house to give a personal touch us, without going into great expense.

Decorating rented house

1. Do not add something to your home unless it is useful and beautiful: 90% of the objects should have both qualities. The recycling bins do not have to be ugly and spoil the decor of your kitchen, you can use an alternative container or simply beautify you have. A simple option is to take a cardboard box, paint it or cover it with wallpaper or some fabric, cut a hole in the bottom and place it on the hub ugly.

Two. Choose a range of colors and keep it: no matter what colors you choose, just choose a few. When you’ve chosen 3-5 colors, be faithful to them, either for trivial things like soap and shampoo or decorative items like towels and rugs.

Three. Every time you buy something, throw something (or Gift): the worst in a well designed is to fill it with junk. Most people have too much stuff. If you get used to throw or give away an object every time you buy a new one can begin to successfully design, otherwise, all your efforts will be in vain.

April. Do not buy anything that is not essential to the livelihood of your family, but everyone else will have it: if you do not drink coffee, do not buy a coffee, if you do not drink wine, do not buy a corkscrew.

May. Use what you love: hide or get rid of whatever works for you apathetic. If you love souvenir figurines, place them in sight in groups, if you keep them simply because they are a family memory, store them in a box in the attic.

June. Roba, copy and imitate, then adds, deletes and ends: steal ideas from magazines, catalogs combinations copy, imitate the storefronts and feel free to be inspired by the houses of your friends.
Once you have the idea, change it to make it yours. Add items to show your personality, eliminates others who you think you can spare and give a finish to the room according to your personality and style.

July. Choose a style and sub-style and keep in mind every time you add something to the house, instead
of defining your style based on a time, as Victorian or modern, do it based on a few key factors. Choose
a striking appearance or prudent? A Design simple or complex? A range of warm or cool colors? Once these
preferences have a style.

August. Learn to distinguish between what you like and what you can fit in your home: there are new trends that are in fashion and are constantly outdated. Learn to differentiate between elements that you like you in the store and will be really well with the design style you have established in your home.

9. When you want to change the style, start slowly and without spending much: no need to spend a fortune renovating a room or reinventing your style. Start with cheap stuff like painting, search fairs and balances, etc.. Once you decide you love your new look, you can start spending more money to complete the rooms.

10. If something does not look good in a space, take a picture, evaluate it, and remove it on or add what is missing.

Decorating rented house

Decorating rented house

Decorating rented house

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