How to build wood-burning grill or charcoal

To create the wood-burning grill or charcoal do not have to be either a carpenter or a carpenter. You must follow only one set of general rules to achieve a good result. Sure, you could call a mason who compose it for you but this would certainly be more expensive and less rewarding.
How to build wood-burning grill or charcoal

The project. You have to have in mind the outcome you want to achieve, but also the skills that you have. If this is the first time that you are dealing with concrete and brick I suggest a simple project:
two side columns that surround a central space dedicated to the collection of ashes and all’areazione (needed to keep the fire burning above), a base that will gather firewood and charcoal, space to support a simple moving grid and a storage supports side dishes. The latter is not necessary but can be really useful. The material of the lateral plane must not be made ​​of wood, although it is well away from the true coals, but marble.

Materials. The materials to be used are of the most varied. To minimize the expenses you rely on the things you possess. For example, if I have I will use those old brick oven. The important thing is that they have a minimum of resistance to heat. For the foundations could use the door of an old cabinet could be enough but also a board or some river pebble more (stones of various sizes).

Combining the imagination of common sense you can save at most, minimizing the cost of construction materials. If you have the patience to collect river rocks, total spending could amount to around 60-80 euro.
In summary, you can collect river rocks or pebbles of various sizes for the foundation, using old bricks for the central skeleton and buy only concrete and the grid if you want to do without the compartment “food support” of marble.

Making Space Do I need to choose a place to build your first barbecue The best choice is a place where the soil is clay This will facilitate the work of “thrown” A solid foundation is essential for the shaded area would be ideal: it is better to cook without the sun that beat you in the head!

The foundations. Once you have made ​​your mind and procured all the materials it is time to get started. Depending on the size of the barbecue that you prepare to prepare designates an area of land of the same diameter and a depth of about 25-30 cm. This will be your screed, the very foundation. It is not necessary to demarcate the area of the slab with the wood, but if you already have in your home could be useful. Fill the screed with river stones collected and bring it to the ground level with concrete.

The sides are the ones that will host the grid. If you use big bricks are enough 10 or 5 for each side firmly attached to each other. Before continuing with the fixing of the gray lower (one that will host the charcoal and allow the passage of ash on the floor), you need a level to make sure that the shoulders are not particularly inclined created. After fixing the first grid (or perforated plate) you have to put the bricks where the smaller will be the resting grate intended for cooking food.

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