How to Choose the Pots ?

When choosing the most suitable container for our plants, we can find a wide range, both in size, shape and material development of the same.

How to Choose the Pots ?

Among the wide variety of pots that is in the common market, we can find fiber cement, fiberglass, plastic, cement and clay.

Plastic pots.’re The most as they are the most economical and retain more moisture, which prevents us from having to irrigate frequently the plant. They are light and do not last too long as we are forced to have to change them every two years (approximately), so it is ideal as it is the time that most often require the plant to be transplanted to a slightly larger enclosure . Its main disadvantage is that they get too cold in the winter and heats up quickly in the summer.

Fiberglass pots. These pots last long and share the same advantages and disadvantages of plastic pots in regard to humidity, temperature and weight. The principela disadvantage is reflected in the price, as they are usually between 8 and 10 times more expensive than before.

Ceramic pots, cement and cement. These containers have the advantage of being heat, ie not in winter cold nor too hot in summer. Its disadvantage is found in the weight, which break more easily and do not retain too much moisture as sweat, so plant should be watered more often. To avoid continuous watering can be waterproofed by painting with varnish inside.

According to the shape, the round is more convenient, because they allow a better distribution of water within the substrate. But if aesthetics or location does not allow this, any form will be equally welcome.

Post. Importantly, regardless of the way in which we choose and the choice of the best draining pot if it is deficient, because if it gets clogged, not output water and the roots will rot.

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