How to shine in kitchen and marble floor

If you are in the house of the surfaces of marble and want to clean them at their best, but without use of chemicals, but only of natural things that do not hurt to ‘ environment and health, here are some useful tips that come directly from the list of remedies Grandmother we stored when we were little and when they were made ​​the big cleaning the house , or in the spring before Christmas. Marble is definitely a very delicate surface, which take care to perfection. Not only with chemicals, but also with remedies do it yourself!

How to shine in kitchen and marble floor

Let us see how to clean , for example, the white marble , with natural remedies, those of her grandmother, without using chemicals sometimes very expensive, which not only pollute the environment but can also be harmful to our health and that of the smallest . For this particular marble, which is present on the fireplace, on radiators, but also on balconies and in the kitchen, we can make a product do it yourself , using the pumice powder dissolved in vinegar, precious ally for each cleaning at home.

And if, instead, we have a marble floor to be cleaned for good , how can we make use of natural products, utilizing things that definitely have in the house , otherwise they are easily purchased in hardware or in the home of our cities.
After sweeping perfectly the floor , you have to degrease it: you have to wet a cloth with warm water and alcohol. Then rinse and clean with a homemade cleaner, with a mix of three liters of water, two tablespoons of baking soda , five tablespoons of alcohol and a bit ‘of soap . Wash the floor with a microfiber cloth. It will be the most shiny and most importantly, clean!

The grit is a conglomerate artificial made ​​with pieces of natural stone, although generally it is almost always of marble, for which, in relation to the maintenance and daily cleaning , could simply treat these surfaces in the same manner as those treated marble, and with the same products.

Specifically, if the floor has been built with natural stones, will not be particularly hard to keep it intact, but in the case of marble surfaces of the floor should be cleaned with more specific products .

In the case of a bare floor any cleaner will do very well, even if slightly acid or alkaline, and in these cases you can even use a brush or a slightly abrasive scrubber, which you should not recommended if you are dealing with polished floors . In these cases it will be better to use mild detergents and avoid acid or abrasives as these may dull the surface grit.

Rather than using wax to brighten up the colors and the shine, you can opt for a more homely but very effective: wash the floor with a cloth dipped in white vinegar and boiling water, let it dry and then wipe it with a woolen . Guaranteed results.

How to shine in kitchen and marble floor

How to shine in kitchen and marble floor

How to shine in kitchen and marble floor

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