ideas for back pain, allergies and healthy sleep

The mattress is essential for our night’s rest, but we know how to choose and what to choose? Here are some tips on how to prevent back pain or allergies mite. We have selected some articles that discuss these topics for ideas on how to stay healthy.

ideas for back pain, allergies and healthy sleep

Sleeping is good, rest is best
The search for the mental well-being is now one of the most heartfelt need, also given the frenetic style that often involves us. Among the features necessary for a good quality of life there is certainly the need to rest in a healthy and comfortable sleep several hours a night in a serene and relaxed.
The importance of the mattress: information and advice Each of us spends an average of 8 hours a day in bed. The importance of this “regeneration” daily for our body is evident at the latest when, for any reason, we must give up even only in part.
Polyurethane mattresses and spring of Ikea
Sultan Hjartal is a spring mattress with 5 comfort zones. The layer of memory foam, in the integrated thin mattress, follows the contour of the body and facilitates the circulation of blood, giving greater comfort.
How to clean house mites, dust and bacteria Dust and bacteria are among the main accused in the home, but to get better there are systems that can counter their action.

Desire is air-conditioned: the structure studied by Somnium by Imaflex is a latex breath ® 100% natural plant with macro-cells and a unique vertical through modeling. And ‘treated against fungus and bacteria. Desire is bi-comfort, to choose two different degrees of rigidity, even between different partners. Two mattresses that become a perfect whole to give the right to welfare both parties. Somnium by Imaflex Desire has applied for Action3 ®: a special combination of technical fibers, designed for the warm periods of the year.

Within mattresses and blankets can harbor microscopic uninvited guests, dust mites, a common cause of respiratory allergies. Eradicate them is difficult, but not impossible. How?
Ventilate the room. Beware of the temperature which must not be higher than 20 ° C with a humidity of 40-50%.
Beware of the bed. Sealed pillows and mattresses with special linings of antibacterial material, such as Amicor Pure. The Simmons , a leader in the production of mattresses, submitted last year a truly innovative product that will reccomend: Aspirac with the HEPA filter, the first tread aspires specially designed for the hygiene of the mattress.
Room removing everything that can be a receptacle of dust.
Often clean the whole house with a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter, ideal to hold the mites. For example a Aeg or Dyson .
Wash the bianchieria of the bed, and often at least 60 ° C temperature.
Use specific products in powder, spray or foam to eliminate the mites.

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