Make good use of the washing machine

Learn how to use it right the washing machine it is important to get a clean laundry and do not spoil the leaders and it is also for limiting excessive consumption of current .For some people, it seems complex even understand how to load the washing machine , then if he is asked to extricate themselves from pre-wash, centrifuge, softening .. the situation becomes really complex. We open the door and immediately we ask:

what programs should I use?
how much detergent?
at what temperature?

Make good use of the washing machine

Today, this is not a bug in the singles, because even for those who are married or engaged, the roles have changed in the couple and it is expected that a man knows how to load and program the washing machine.

Whether you are single or maritati, to learn how to use the washing machine it is important to first understand its operation .

How does the washing machine
After loading the laundry , closed the door, select the desired cycle and press the start or pulsed start, starts washing. Through the tube of the load device loads the water, the level of which is determined by a valve connected to prostrate. The water passes into the detergent drawer , picks it up and goes in the basket.

Begins the stage of ‘ soaking in which, depending on the wash program selected, water is heated to different temperatures.Then begins the washing itself, the traditional cycle is by immersion: the laundry is immersed in a solution of water and detergent.With the rain to soak the garments are hand sprayed from above by spraying water and detergent.There are also models with Dry recycling in which the two systems are integrated: the races of the perforated basket collect the tank bottom part of the washing solution and the flock with the system to rain, on garments.
The pump discharge eliminates the soapy water and then begins the stage of rinsing. Between a rinse cycle and the other activates the centrifuge.

After all rinse cycles , the spinning wheel faster to wring out the laundry .
The wash cycle ends and you can open the door of the washing machine.

Learn how to do the laundry
Today the washing requirements are increasingly complex: in addition to traditional cycles at high temperatures, for cotton or heavily soiled fabrics, also mixed and delicate, there are now specific programs for garments such as wool and silk, for new technological fibers, for sports wear, but also for tents and quilts.

What programs for the washing machine?

Make good use of the washing machine

Some programs, supplied by the manufacturers with different brand names, provide special cycles at 30-40 ° C for short duration, about 30 minutes, and with a low spin speed to avoid damaging the tissues.

To wash laundry is not very dirty program is available daily.

There are also cycles that involve more rinses, also remove bacteria and mites.

At what temperature?
To get good results it is important to choose the wash program to suit the type of laundry. Depending on the fabric and the degree of soiling are required water temperature, duration of the washing and rinsing phases and any prewash different.

To avoid damaging the garments should always read the instructions on the label, and do not need to use too much detergent.It is useful to keep in mind that some features and programs of washing, despite being very similitra them, may have different business names.When possible, it is good to prefer low temperatures. A wash at 40 ° C consumes up to 50% less than that at 90 ° C.

How much detergent in the pan?

Make good use of the washing machine

Do not overdo the amount of detergent : more detergent does not mean cleaner.Regularly clean the lint filter and any small items, such as buttons or coins. Keep clean any deposits from the detergent dispenser.How to limit the consumption of the washing machine?

To limit consumption is recommended that you use the washing machine only when fully loaded. If the laundry is not, select the half load button. Even if consumption does not dimezano, you can still save water, energy and detergent.

Use a prewash only for the really dirty laundry and remove stains on clothing before loading them in the washing machine.Prefer washing cycles at temperatures of 60 ° C and 40 ° C, which save energy compared to a cycle at 90 ° C,

Always choose the most suitable cycle for the type of laundry. In most of the contracts of suppliers of electricity, the use after 20 hours and on weekends, it costs less.

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