Night and day blinds

The day and night blinds are a very practical solution to control the amount of light reaching our stays! It is about roller blinds consisting of two layers of fabric , one thick and one translucent stripes alternating in, so that depending on the position can not pass or no outside light (hence the name night (no light) day (with light).

Night and day blinds The day and night blinds are ideal in rooms without curtains or plants you want low pass light without seeing us. This is also modern curtains, which look great with a contemporary and practical.What is the blinds against the night and day? The price. To consist of 2 layers of fabric out more expensive than a normal curtains , though Bricor or Leroy Merlin can find day and night blinds at reasonable prices (between 150 and 200 euros). Want to know more about night and day blinds? There are day and night blinds of all colors and even prints, but the most common are white , which are fresh and light. The color black in these blinds can be also very good, but not suitable for all rooms (impossible in smaller rooms and / or dark). For that night and day blinds cheap out, it’s best to buy and assemble yourself . In Cortinadecor can find different models of night and day blinds cheap, and also a video to explain how to hang them. It is fairly easy. The combined day and night blinds, in a truly original collection mechanism vertical roller blinds with virtually the same chance of dimming offered by Venetian. They consist of alternating translucent and opaque bands that as we extend or collect the curtain overlap each other, Thus, we more or less light to enter the room and privacy, as we wish. The night and day are very stylish shades that harmonize with any environment and are functional and attractive. They are available in a wide range of fabrics, so you can easily find the one that best matches your environment. Measure your window shades and blinds can hang the shades and blinds within a framework for a clean, modern look or outside the window frame to achieve an appearance similar to that of the curtains. Curtains insertion: the shades and blinds insertion require exact measurements. Measure the inside of the window frame from top to bottom and left to right. It also takes into account its depth. Curtains of principle: the shades and blinds principle give more leeway when you measure the dimensions of the window frame. Measure from the point where the shade will hang to the point where you want to drop. Add an additional two inches from the top of the window frame to allow for the mounting brackets. Get you need to install your curtains Give the finishing touches on your drapery rods, terminations, holders and rings. Find the hardware for curtains minimalist, perfect for modern homes that really gets noticed and everything in between, in MercadoLibre Curtain Rods: Curtain rods come in a variety of colors, styles and finishes. As often adjustable bars can fit your window accurately. Search double bars if you put more layers underneath your curtains. Terminations: metal terminations, terminations of wood or glass finishes crown the curtain rod at each end. Holders: Holders of nickel, chrome holders, holders tin and copper holders provide an attractive way to hold your curtains open. Rings: the curtain rings are available in a variety of materials and finishes, allow you to create a more casual effect. Consider the rings with curved shapes or pressed for drapery panels. Spacers: Spacers used with mounting hardware for curtains to create more space between the border of the window and the curtains of principle. Night and day blinds Night and day blinds Night and day blinds Night and day blinds Night and day blinds Night and day blinds Night and day blinds Night and day blinds Night and day blinds Night and day blinds Night and day blinds Night and day blinds

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