Piece of living Art is the Ecospheres

You have to see what we can create the combination of ecological principles and the positive effects of science. Many times, the coordinated work of this great strategic union, may be born unimaginably fantastic creations. And no, I’m not exaggerating, you can check this in a delicate piece that will be the star in your home decor. This is a transparent glass sphere, which contains within a simple and beautiful ecosystem, established following studies NASA. It is certainly a piece of living art. His name is Ecosphere , or ecospheres in Eng lish.

Piece of living Art is the Ecospheres

A few years ago, NASA launched an experiment that sought to create friendly and tight spaces, where astronauts could live during their long journeys. The main idea was that these environments contasen with all the elements for survival. In this search, born ecosphere. A miniature recreation of ecosystems we know.
It consists of a glass sphere, as already mentioned, that takes into factors such as substrate filtered sea water, microorganisms, algae, and red shrimp. All residents are strategically included to form a perfect cycle.

The view is breathtaking. You could stay as long admiring how nature works alone every day; become witness of a life cycle, which takes place without stopping. Pure art.

It is estimated that the time of “life” of an ecosphere, ranging between 2 and 5 years. You should know that by being completely “natural” ecosystems “portable”, do not require a lot of care and attention. Of course there are conditions that need to know and correctly respect.

Piece of living Art is the Ecospheres

We have for example, the issue related to lighting. The dimmer is vital. It is advisable to expose the ecosphere, for a period of 6-12 hours daily, yes, always avoiding direct light from reaching the area. Again, this consideration is very important, without proper dimming, no bilógico process will take place.

The ideal temperature is another aspect that you should know. This should be between 15 ° C to 25 ° C. Do not let sudden temperature changes.

In addition to these considerations, it is recommended not to manipulate the ecosphere too, or expose to sudden movements.

They come in various sizes. Dare to acquire this beautiful example of the wisdom of nature, which together with science, offers a true gem. Find him a nice place, where everyone can watch it and admire it. Just remember that there are living things inside, so choose the most suitable, excluding any factors which may affect their development … So, do not ever put on the TV or the fireplace! The ecospheres give life to your home … so watch yours too.

Piece of living Art is the Ecospheres

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