Professional burglar alarm, wireless and DIY

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Objective: what you want to get through an alarm system is to deter potential thieves from intrusion, that is, to make sure that fail to comply with the offense or cease as soon as possible. To achieve this it is necessary to provide suitable “means alarm” which are the main aspect of the system: these are in fact which deter the intruder, along with other small measures of psychological type.

Professional burglar alarm, wireless and DIY

It ‘absolutely unnecessary to install a tidal wave detectors if their alarm signals give rise to almost nothing: do not waste your money!

Risk analysis: each of us thinks that there is nothing to steal at home, which could be true: the material stolen is worth 5-25% on the market of stolen goods, but there are different types of criminals:
• The common thief: not informed, so we test in the hope of finding valuables or money. Not finding is satisfied or lingers in vandalism: both of these things for you are a detriment.
• The thief informed: if you are collectors of something that is, you are definitely mentioned somewhere or known and there is the possibility that the information gets to the prying ears, arousing appetites, Normally this type of thief does not waste time and aims straight to his objective.
• The thief “technological” hardly this kind of thief is interested in dwelling houses and / or offices “normal”, as if really good, a little longer to earn an honest technician.
• The thieves aggressive and violent as dangerous animals, traveling in a group, this is now the greatest danger we face everyone, especially those who live in isolated houses.
Everyone has to assess their potential risk to the potential rapportandosi type of intruder from which you want to defend, and then click the devices suitable for the purpose and install them properly.

Preliminary study: according to the type of space to be protected must implement the bare minimum of equipment, reducing costs and maintenance, depending on the structures and their use. For example:
• condo, small, medium, large: eighty percent of the intrusion is the front door, also armored. The main flaw of the doors is given by the support structure (brick) almost never as strong as the door. Obviously the ground floor and the top floor provide more access from windows, skylights and the like. Beware of interconnected balconies with those neighbors!
• condo with large external areas (terraces): similar to the previous situation, with the burden of the terraces, excellent base for attacking a frame …
• terraced house: open access as possible to the sides, both from the door by windows. Useful railings compatible with the aesthetics, but make sure that we can not pluck up easily. Evaluate the protection of outdoor areas for the protection of persons during their stay in the house.
• secluded villa, farmhouse and similar access everywhere. Evaluate the protection of external areas, even with devices to “trap” on fixed routes or favorable.
• company, office, warehouse, shop, etc.: any structural situation should be studied case by case basis, having multiple diversifications. Identify and protect all possible access, even if “difficult” is the only way to conceive a protection.
Why do it yourself?
There are several reasons to believe need to install an electronic alarm system to protect their belongings and also of people, and there are even more to choose to do so directly, without external intervention. Leaving aside the former, which are obvious and personal however, make the point instead of the advantages of the “DIY”:
• lower costs
• better management
• greater safety

Protecting your home forever
Professional burglar alarm, wireless and DIY

Alarm systems HEasyTech protect both your home when it is left unattended, either yourself when you are at home.
External protections – Cancellation of the surprise: in the case of external protections of rooms inhabited by people, perhaps asleep, the deterrent effect can save us from times extremely difficult and perhaps even save your life. In this case it is better not to activate sirens frighten the sleepers and could lead to rash reactions: it can be enough to spread a recorded voice message, which informs the intruder to have been localized, eliminating the element of surprise on what matters to intrude on the sly environments. At the same time a special detector can awaken the occupants, preparing a reaction while the attacker is still on the outside. This solution does not disturb the neighbors in the event of improper alarm, but it can prove to be extremely effective in case of real aggression.
HEasyTech recommends and sells products exclusively Italian, because, although little-known Italian technology of electronic security is among the most advanced in the world. For this HEasyTech selects the products of primary homes and makes them produce exclusively for its customers, assuming all the responsibility of the manufacturer provided by law. The decision to sell wireless products is linked to our type of offer: wireless solutions are less invasive and simpler, both during installation and during normal use and can achieve the same level of security solutions via cable, which require an installer.
HEasyTech search continuously on the domestic market more useful products to complement its product range and allows, through special devices, to integrate their systems with other brands of equipment, making them compatible.

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