Renew your home with colors of spring

The time came to renew and shake the winter cold to let the sun and the color of spring come to our home. This season brings cool environments and a variety of shades with incredible results you will achieve. For example, the pink-reddish wake warmth, peace and harmony while providing a touch of class. Pink and fuchsia offer a minimalist style can be perfectly combined with water green, blue, white, brown and silver.

Renew your home with colors of spring

Another spring color is orange, a fun option that provides energy and daring, optimism and confidence. The tones a touch dark and generate summery elegance. It is combined with white furniture, lead and dark brown.

How to combine the color?
Check out this list of colors and combinations and dare to change!

The best way to combine the colors depends on having your home decoration or visual effect you want to give each space. The balance of 60-30-10 is ideal for creating a balanced combination.

Using a light color in 60% of the space, namely in three walls of the room. Choose a color from the same range to cover another 30% of the space, which would amount to a wall or fabric color of your furniture. Accentuate the details and gives the final touch valiƩndote a more intense color and brilliant work in addition to the remaining 10%. The result will be spectacular.

A single color, different shades. This combination consists of using a single color in its various shades, obtaining a result sober appearance of continuity. The result is a sophisticated visual effect with extremely smooth and quiet. Try it!

Similar colors, original nuances. The analogous combination is to use two or three colors in the color wheel neighbors in the same space. For example, various shades of green, turquoise and blue, orange and yellow with lime green or blue with violets. This combination will create a harmonious and uniform. Analogous colors are next to each other within the color wheel, this means combining various shades of cool or warm colors. When two warm colors are combined, they are cooled each other, the same happens if cool colors contrast, they perceived much warmer.

Opposite colors, exciting contrasts. Achieves moving spaces by combining complementary colors. To apply it in your decor, you must use opposite colors. The suggestion is to use a dominant color and one color means to generate contrast. Because, when used in equal parts are neutralized. If you want to know what are the complementary colors refer to the color wheel.

Warm and cold? Compatible?
This unique combination of complementary colors, usually warm and cool completely will highlight the decor, accenting every detail of space with very vibrant effects. Some colors that complement are orange and blue or yellow and violet. Another very unique combination is turquoise and orange which produce a pleasant contrast.

Renew your home with colors of spring

Renew your home with colors of spring

Renew your home with colors of spring

Renew your home with colors of spring

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