Stylish Red Carpet to Welcome Guests

The decor can transform a boring party into a fun celebration. Before purchasing decorative items, carefully planning the theme and colors that you will use. The decoration of the entrance or hall is very important, it will determine the first impression with our guests.

Stylish Red Carpet to Welcome Guests

No one knows for sure which one is the origin of the use of the red carpet, but some studies suggest that we go back to the ancient Greeks. In the play’s dramatic poet Aeschylus Agamemnon, the king is greeted at home by his wife Clytemnestra with a long red carpet.
In ancient Greek culture, red is the color of the quintessential gods, heroes and kings wore this color in clothing to symbolize their approach with the gods. It was not very wise to use a lot of red, for the gods could consider that the man believed to be at the same level as them.

Some of this fable is even today when using the red carpet to attend events where great personalities or to emphasize the importance of a celebration. The use of the red carpet has spread to several areas, weddings, social events, hotels and even upscale restaurants and other businesses use them to give a touch of class to the place.

Stylish Red Carpet to Welcome Guests

We suggest you use a red carpet to decorate the entrance to the place where you make your party, and you would add some decorative elements to give it an original and personal touch to the hall where the guests receive.
A very good idea is to place two lines of candles on the sides of your carpet leading the way. This will give a warm welcoming and you can create at home: use small paper bags and fill them with sand in the bottom for weight. Add artificial candles inside a battery, because we do not want no bag to catch fire. Another simpler option is to use the guidelines we use lights to decorate the Christmas tree, and place two lines forming the edges of the carpet.

Stylish Red Carpet to Welcome Guests

If your party is during the day, the lighting does not appreciate, so better guide chooses to place flowers and plants natural to the sides. An arrangement with hydrangeas is a nice and affordable choice. You can place large flower pots with flower arrangements, rose petals crumble to cover the entire carpet or splashing the edges instead with a few petals.

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