The classic bathroom fittings

To decide which type of bathroom taps to choose you must first understand what solution you want to adopt, in fact you can use taps in the sink or integrated directly into the wall. In the case of sink cabinet must leave at least 8 inches of clearance between the faucet and the wall to allow for proper cleaning. In market you can find different kinds of classic taps: taps concealed, that fold completely, rather than taps that rotate 360 ​​°. The choice depends on the destination, or if should be installed in the kitchen or bathroom.

The classic bathroom fittings

In the first case generally two basins are likely to be present, then the tap that wheel, at least 180 °, is a forced choice, while in the second case can also be used taps fixed. Besides, the kitchen faucet has an aesthetic impact less important, while the bathroom faucet is the personal taste of the owner that it will integrate with the furniture and furnishings.

How to choose the taps
The taps bath generates a volume of water that goes from 10 to 20 liters per minute, usually choose taps can produce about 12 liters per minute. For different requirements it is advisable to choose a faucet that guarantees at least 15 liters. Choose the right tap is less simple than you might think, as of today are many products in this segment and the quality is not always guaranteed. Often products displaying the label “made in Italy” in Italian have only assembling, while production is effectively performed in Asia. This explains why there is the bathroom fittings “Made in Italy” at very low cost while other rates exceeding 200 €. The price difference is often explained by the significant difference in quality which often results in low duration of seals and products that they oxidize quickly or lose color and chrome plating.

As a good rule we can say that a tap of good quality must have at least 5 years warranty and must be accompanied by the appropriate European certifications with detailed technical tests. Remember that in a low-quality bathroom fittings and a reasonably good workmanship and guaranteed there are usually 30 euro difference, saving then it makes little sense and the game is not worth the candle. The bathroom faucets not only differs for the price, but also for functionality and aesthetics.

We can find colored products, chrome but also very simple and basic, from classic or trendy rather than “fanciful”. In any case it must accompany the type of furniture chosen and the types of tiles that have been mounted on the wall. The taps can also be true objects of design, special and refined, sumptuous or minimalist but adapted to their taste to personalize the bathroom to suit your needs and in harmony with the colors of the environment and health. Choose your bathroom taps classical, modern or futuristic enriched with technology and automation is therefore a very subjective decision.

The collection of Graff Topaz is able to satisfy the need to furnish the bathroom so without sacrificing the pleasure of classic design and a modern twist

Types of taps
The classic taps has two independent knobs to mix the hot water with the cold and adjust the power of the jet. The mixer tap has, however, a single command with which you can adjust the temperature and the water jet, is a product used because it combines ease of use a great feature. This type of faucet is available in various shapes, colors and materials, although that is always the most utilization model chromed stainless steel. With the bathroom fittings Bali, Graff, returning to the forms of the ancient water pumps of 1800, has reinterpreted a product of the past turning to a residential use and innovating the mechanical movement of the lever handle in a classic and elegant design that requires only a touch read functionary. E for ‘good to remember that a mixer should have the quality ceramic cartridges.

The thermostatic mixing valve is a product that allows to have the water at a constant temperature, is often used in the showers and is characterized by a safety system that prevents a water temperature above 38 degrees. The tap-electron is one of the latest innovations in this market. In the present case consists of a tap that is controlled from a console or a remote control with the water that can change color according to their own requirements or according to the temperature of the same.

The classic bathroom fittings  The classic bathroom fittings

The classic bathroom fittings

The classic bathroom fittings

The classic bathroom fittings

The classic bathroom fittings

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