Tips to consider before painting room

Most interior designers say that the simplest and fastest way to improve one room is by painting it. A colored new can liven up any room and make it look new, larger, and more luminous. However, there are some points to consider before painting. How much natural light enters the room? If you have very little natural light, may consider painting the room with colors claros.Si opposite happens, and natural daylight environment, then they should choose to buy a paint color slightly darker.

Tips to consider before painting room

How big is the room? Generally, the larger the room darker be painted walls.
When do you use that environment? If you usually are in that room during the night, when they do not receive natural light, make sure to take this into account when choosing the color.

With these simple tips, you can choose the perfect paint color for your home without making mistakes. Before starting to paint a room you must prepare and have everything on hand. For example, remove all the furniture you can, and if any big as a closet or couch; cover with a sheet that does not serve you or plastics. In addition to furniture, remove whatever is hung or mounted to the wall, such as tables, bookcases, shelves … also removes light covers, but before doing so removes light.

Then you should check that the walls are in good condition. Removes paint easily be lifted with a spatula, sand the surface and then we can paint. If there are cracks or holes, cover with putty, let dry and sand lightly before painting.

Before starting with masking tape protects the jacks and other objects on the wall, such as antennas, window sills or plugs. Cover the ground with a old blanket or plastic.

Make sure the room is well ventilated and well lit so that you easier to see how you are running.
Other tips for painting walls

You need to choose a good brushes and rollers and paint should be specific to each wall (interior, exterior, anti humidity …). If you choose a poor quality paint, have resulted in a good finish but that soon may be lifted. Best to go to a DIY center and wall Corrientes what you, the current color and want. It may help you more to choose a good paint that will give you fantastic results.

Once you have the paint at home, always starts with the roof and walls is best to start at the top and top to bottom.

Avoid painting during hot weather or when a rainy day. The paint will not dry well. When you have finished the first coat of paint, let dry time determined by the brand, in case you have to give him another hand more.

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