Alternative uses for bread baskets

Use of different ways to bread baskets is a very good option to give a personal touch to all your gifts handmade or table decorations and dining.One of the most useful things you can have at home are the bread baskets, they can be used for decoration in living environments such as tables or dining rooms, to make original gifts or simply to give the use for which they were designed to is to put confectionery.We were many and diverse communities that we join this great initiative, for our part we have to thank the management of sending our bread baskets Blog Ana At 3 in the afternoon . Since several weeks ago we received the coveted baskets, but holidays and other occupations had not given us time to release them.

Alternative uses for bread baskets

The function of these baskets of bread or bannetons brotforms is to make mold in the second leavening of bread dough , so each basket has a reason to be recorded after the dough and once baked the bread a nice present form. These baskets are ideal especially when the masses are soft, it retains the shape and structure of the basket in which we let it ferment.

They are not essential to make bread at home, but when you get into the world of bread every time you want to go further. Those who do not have basic these specific bread baskets, you can use any bowl or wicker bread basket covered with a linen cloth or something similar. The bannetons are simply used to retain the shape, at any time go to the oven.
The Banneton must prepare for first use, before putting the bread dough in the baskets, we grease with olive oil, you can do with your hands or a brush, and then sprinkle flour, shaking to finally dispose of excesses (as when preparing a cake pan ). This process plays an important role, since it is used in film between the mass and the material in which it settles, is the tray, basket or cloth cooking or couche, gives more beauty to bread baking.

The bannetons shaking flour cleaned with a brush after use and before storing airing until next use. A deeper hygiene can be done every six months with a brush and hot water. Maybe you have any other recommendations for cleaning and expect your suggestions.

Alternative uses for bread baskets


Baskets of chocolates
The gifts most desired by all people are the famous chocolates beautifully packaged and presented can become the best detail you can give to someone special on any occasion, as they are always desirable.
For those present, are used to place bread baskets a variety of chocolates, in this case a small basket is preferred to give the appearance of being full, then proceeds to wrap cellophane color you want by a bun at the top that is wrapped with a beautiful ribbon thick a shade that matches the paper.

Using very original gifts baskets
Large bread baskets, give the possibility to make a variety of beautiful details depending on the taste of the person who will receive. For example, for those who enjoy a good book can be placed inside the basket a couple of novels, a marker and a nice coffee cup.
For wine lovers two wines can be placed one white and one red wrapped in a decorative fabric, with a couple of drinks and a gourmet cheese.

Alternative uses for bread baskets

Applications for home
One of the most beautiful decorations for your dining table are achieved with baskets for bread, for example, for the Christmas season can be filled the baskets with some sparkly decorations, Christmas cookies in the center and wrap with a wreath of colors .
In addition, bread baskets can be made very colorful confectionery food, placing for example, a homemade cake in the center cut into squares and put around all the flavors chocolates. Also this basket is placed in a large tray silver sticks where they will be small pieces of cheese and ham, all these surrounded by olives.
And finally, the bread baskets can be used as colorful tanagers, which will serve as a centerpiece, providing a fresh and rustic home decor.

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