Basic Orders to Educate Dogs

Before analyzing the various exercises, I must say that we should not move from one exercise to the next until you have obtained a perfect result.Do not ever end a training session with an exercise failed, therefore, it is better to finish with an easy exercise.Do not extend too much session time because there is no tiresome or annoy our friend.
We must always be balanced and good manners, severe, but fair in dealing with our dog, praising or rebuking when necessary.

Basic Orders to Educate Dogs

· Description of the basic commands (Next-Sitting-Floor Come)
· ‘Together': Walked the dog on a leash, you have to force him to go left and so your head is at the height of our knee. The dog should not pull forward nor left behind.
One must walk short distances, and every time the dog does not go in the right position, will be repeated in a firm voice “Together”, associating his name with the order and giving a sudden forceful pull on the leash. You have to teach it slowly also speed variations. The dog must follow us, and not vice versa.

· ‘Sitting': After obtaining a good result in the first year, you can go to the execution of the command “sit”. The dog must sit and order remain so until you call.
The voice has an important role: We lay our dog, putting a hand in front of the muzzle while with the other hand, exert pressure on the back end, until it is properly seated. During repeat with a clear voice, the word ‘sit’ or ‘feel’. If the dog gets up, repeat the hand pressure while the order, the dog has to learn to get up only when we want.
When we see that our friend has understood what we expect from him, we will face the dog, let the belt and we will move away slowly now repeating the word ‘stay’.

It will repeat this exercise for 10 minutes per day, making each stay more time sitting day; also the distance should be increased gradually, but not excessively, not to create unnecessary tension for us and for the dog.
This exercise is very important because we can afford to go shopping with the dog, making him wait at the door of the supermarket, it is the first step for a more complex training.

· ‘Come': This command should always be run with enthusiasm. An assistant will take the dog on a leash about 20 or 30 meters away from us and then we will call with enthusiasm, the dog loose now must run to us. If it does not go to him, but we will distance calling, when we reach praise him, even giving him some food reward to come to pass ever more determined and fast towards us.
When exercise is performed correctly, can give first assume the position of ‘quiet’ and ‘sitting’, then, away, make obey the order of ‘see’.

· ‘Floor': This is an exercise in submission which serves to make the dog understand that heads us. It’s the end of the training year basis and should not be exercised with puppies too small.
With his free hand strap is put pressure on the back end while using your hand to get the belt, will throw down the forelegs, so that the legs give way.

As in the previous year must be made to preserve the space-time position progressively longer and slowly away, repeating with a tone of voice being higher the greater the distance, the order to ‘stay’ or ‘break ‘. Also this exercise is repeated continuously for 10 minutes a day to be sure that the dog has learned.
These are the basic commands and basic dog that everyone should learn from puppies and only then would we have the satisfaction of saying: ‘My dog ​​is well-behaved’

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