Cactus Care

Although it is a small plant that seems to need more than a little bit of sunshine and still water, the cactus requires special care . We should note first of all that comes from desert areas with extreme climates, and recently began to move into the home as a decorative element. To adapt to this change of outside to inside, must be certain conditions. On many occasions, the fans want to fail to cultivate as indoor plants , cactus being that do not have the same conditions of survival.

Cactus Care

Simple but specific care for your cactus
Substrate selection
The basic requirements of the plant are very specific need level sandy substrate with good drainage and small amounts of organic matter. It is therefore not advisable to pay them with mulch, topsoil or other preparations that are available in nurseries. We often think that while the richer the soil , the plant will grow stronger, but this assumption is wrong, since the levels of appropriate soil fertility vary by species concerned.

Irrigation frequency
In addition, the cactus should be watered with a frequency not less than 15 days. We must remember again that this is a plant that originated in desert areas, so it is used to water scarcity.

Air and sun
Also need lots of sun and good air circulation, which is why we do not usually survive in indoor environments, although it is recommended to have it a few days indoors during the coldest days of winter. When the season is over, remember to take your cactus garden or balcony for at least two consecutive months. This way you will give the plant time to recover with a good dose of sun and air. The temperature rise will soon grow back.

Cactus Care

For you did not know: the cactus debugging environments
A curiosity? In recent times, have begun to introduce cactus in office because they have the ability to absorb the electronegativity generated by computers and televisions. Thus, rather than as decoration, different companies use them to debug or preserve the environment where employees work.

Now, you have the necessary guidelines to start decorating your yard with the most beautiful varieties of cactus. Employs cheerful pots of different sizes and colors , combining different types of plants. You’ll see, placed one beside the other, to give your landscape a much more fun.

Cactus Care

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