Care parquet. Maintenance should be constant

In Group 1 Construcciones tips you approach to the care of the constituent elements of the department. This time, we’ll take care of the park. The park is the quintessential wood floor and other floors of this type, though simple requires constant care to keep it always in good condition. Also, if the soil has to take much racking sanding and varnishing is recommended at least every ten years. But the great workhorse are marks or scratches, which can deslucirlo if not treated on time and correctly.

Care parquet. Maintenance should be constant

Care and Maintenance
Avoid trading floor in street shoes (especially yes it is wet or contains traces of gravel, dirt, mud, etc.., Main enemies of floors). Be sure to place a doormat both before and after the front door to hold clay or pebbles. Beware of footwear: high heels fine, for example, can make the ground. When you spill any liquid on the floor, wipe it dry immediately, as quickly filtered between wood and soil. Use a hair dryer, but being careful not to burn the wood, if you believe you have been able to penetrate between the openings or holes in the floorboards.

Avoid jostling and friction with hard objects.
Put caps or slippery mats under the legs of furniture, especially heavy ones, to avoid scratching. Be especially careful to rearrange the furniture: Do not drag, damage the floors.
Changes in humidity cause contraction and expansion of the timber. Prevent or reduce these changes using a humidifier during dry periods, and ventilation and heating in wet periods. Is recommended to keep the humidity of between 35% and 65%.
Avoid direct sunlight for a long time affect on the pavement: wood clarify spoil prematurely and more.

Scratches and sanded
Tape parquet scratches rayon carefully applying a clean cloth for wood paste that you previously made by mixing bitumen (of a similar color to the floors) and wax.
Allow the dough for 20 minutes and scrub with a brush until you see the scratch.
If your hardwood floor creaks, sprinkle with talcum powder slots, making them penetrate by a brush. Then, a few jumps up until entering the last corner.
Wood sanding is recommended every ten years, or earlier if considered necessary and transfer suffers greatly, so that his aging less noticeable and sanding is a few millimeters. The more time passes between sanding and another, more will have to polish the wood later. They are also needed at least two coats of varnish to ellijado durable and has good presence.

Often eliminating Wipe dust with a dry mop or cloth. For this task you can also use a natural bristle brush intended only for parquet floors. If particles of dirt use a vacuum: the pick without drag, avoiding abrasive effect which can cause scratches on your floor.
Do not add water products with high acid component or contain waxes or silicones. Its use affects the subsequent repair coating. The worst enemy of wood floors are some wood products, very abrasive, which will eventually take away the shine and are corrosive.
Scrub wood floor periodically. To perform this task, try to use products specially manufactured for use in parquet or wooden floors. Always use the lowest recommended dose. In the absence of a specific product, you can add water to scrub the floor a splash of vinegar.
If your hardwood has lost its luster or have some other type of damage, use caution and consult a specialist. Each type of wear or alteration require specific care.
Do not let stains dry on the parquet. The fresher the stain, the easier cleaning. Use a damp cloth initially, and if the stain is not removed (some, such as fat, may be particularly difficult to remove) consult a specialist.

Today most wood floors are varnished or waxed protected and do not need the old way.

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