Clean brushes and rollers after painting

We finished our work of painting , we are very tired and still have to clean up and collect everything. Remove the plastic and masking tape can wait, but clean brushes and rollers should be done right after the finish of use. If we do, it will be in good condition the next time you want to use.Well, there is one exception to this: if the brushes and rollers will be used the next day and not be a long time, simply place them in containers with clean water (in the case of painting plastic) or turpentine (in If synthetic enamels), ensuring that they are not supporting their bristles or fibers, to prevent deformation. There are some supports on the market that can help us with this. They are used to when we are going and do not know where to lay the brush and also when we leave submerged.

Clean brushes and rollers after painting

If you are going to save for a while, it is essential to take away all traces of paint , because when dry will be much more difficult to clean properly (although not impossible).

Tips for cleaning brushes and rollers
Both brushes and rollers should be immersed in the liquid suitable to dilute the paint in question (water or turpentine) and the stirring, squeezing them repeatedly until you notice that there are no traces of paint on the base of the bristles (with the rolls proceeds in the same way except for those with a removable liner, which is removed to facilitate cleaning.) The glazes are removed from brushes and rollers with paint thinner, turpentine or universal solvent. However, paints plastic diluting water are removed.

Clean brushes and rollers after painting

Then, whether water or solvent used for cleaning, all soaked in soapy water or detergent, frontándo, escurriéndolos fingers and then rinsing them. Especially in the case of brushes and rollers that have been cleaned with turpentine or solvent, wash thoroughly with water and soap and rinse hold to remove all traces of the product, as it can affect the adhesion of the paint to be applied.

With respect to the type of soap work best pill are the life, the soap he washed before allowing him bristle scrub and soap permeating easily. It remains only to drying. Ideally, leave them suspended so as not to deform. But and what if we have a brush that was saved with some paint from the bristles?

Clean brushes and rollers after painting

The first is to remove the paint dry and hardened by immersing it for hours in suitable diluents (remember, water if paint or glue plastic and turpentine or thinner if synthetic enamels). Once the paint has softened, you can scrape with the spatula to remove scraps of paint . If the solvent has not solved the problem, you can try stripping but this time dipping a few minutes.

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