Eliminates musty smell ugly

Every house has its own personality. It shows in your decor, the colors we choose to paint their walls, accessories and even smell. Surely you’ve noticed that every house smells fires leave an imprint on our sensory memory. But what happens if the humidity that determines how your house smells? In such cases, remove the musty smell is extremely necessary.

Eliminates musty smell ugly

Although we do not know or appreciate what the naked eye, the musty smell appears because of the wood floors or in our furniture, sometimes imperceptible leaks and leaks make their mark, or moisture generated smelly carpets .   This makes your home feel strange, so you have to know how to end the musty smell. So we will see some simple and effective ways to eliminate odors caused by mold and moisture.

Tricks to remove the musty smell
Sodium Bicarbonate
Sodium bicarbonate may be the first agent to remove the musty smell, as with absolute certainty, by spreading baking soda , be prepared particles absorb the odor caused by mold. But it will not end the problem, because you will get rid of the moisture, perhaps with vinegar or lemon.

Eliminates musty smell ugly

Use vinegar and lemon
The vinegar is one of the inevitable cleaning elements for the home. You use vinegar or lemon alone or in a solution with water. You should look for those places in the house where you find the presence of mold causing musty smell ugly and scatter on these areas. The high acidity of the vinegar and lemon will be extremely useful to eliminate these microorganisms and eliminate the musty smell. They are less harmful and damaging to our next recommendation materials.

Eliminates musty smell ugly

Hydrochloric acid
This substance is considered one of the best to remove the musty smell. But that is because it is very powerful and corrosive, killing instantly mold and removing the odor-causing agent. The truth is that you must handle it with care, since it is a very irritating substance and it is only recommended to use it to clean mold from the bathroom , because it can damage other surfaces, such as hardwood floors in your home .

Devices to remove the musty smell
As the first way to avoid this is to prevent unpleasant smell mold is present, we recommend using a dehumidifier . This device does not usually have a high cost, so it is quite accessible in economic terms. It only serves to purify the air in the rooms, but regulates moisture levels, one of the foolproof methods to control mold growth.

In turn, can complement the use of an ionizer dehumidifier. This gadget is more effective if we speak strictly to eliminate odors, as it works by releasing ions that destroy particles of moisture and mold, eliminating the odor source. However, it may affect the levels of oxygen in the air, which, in some cases, its use is not recommended.

Eliminates musty smell ugly

These are some of the ways to eliminate the unpleasant musty smell in your home. In some cases, through the prevention and other directly attacking the source of odor. To eliminate and prevent mold , I recommend checking the pipes and check for leaks. Also you should clean the bathroom properly and frequently check the basement, to prevent the presence of mold.

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