Fitness chair Office

If mens sana in corpore sano is a principle to be adopted in general in life, it is good that even the workplace, where we spend most of the day is not without a bit ‘of exercise. How? With a comfortable design and innovative idea of ​​fitness!
Fitness chair Office

You are always sitting in the office, we do not move enough and you grow a belly? From today we can dispel this myth thanks to an innovative swivel chair that was created with the intent to bring to the workplace a little ‘healthy exercise: it is called Fitness at Work and has been designed by designer Benjamin Cselley. Unfortunately at the moment it is still firm to the status of an idea concept, but it is said that some people may not want to produce a short, given its characteristics, in fact, its success is almost assured.

As you can see from the pictures, this is essentially a swivel chair was specially created to allow you to exercise different parts of the
body, including biceps and abs, with the ability to assume various gymnastic positions … without leaving your desk! Extremely flexible, attractive design and performance ‘sport’, this fine example of a small gym office can really change your life and make a little ‘movement to a sedentary lifestyle, effortlessly and optimizing the time spent ( unfortunately) in the office.

Fitness chair Office Fitness chair Office

Fitness chair Office

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