Guide to the pesticide treatments

The roses are beautiful flowering plants outdoor can be divided into many species and have different characteristics, we find mini roses, roses ramblers, climbing more or less content or vigorous roses and bush roses to raise a sapling. The colors of these beautiful flowers are numerous, and the size of the corolla floriferous, but like any plant, in order to enjoy the bloom will require fifteen-spring fertilization, soil and exposure suitable for variety, and also practice appropriate preventive treatments for some diseases more widespread that tend to hit the roses. In case of malbianco (powdery mildew), we will use the mineral oil for fungal diseases will use the specific treatments (fungicides), while for what concerns the parasites so we’ll see explanatory in this tutorial: pesticide treatments.

Guide to the pesticide treatments

For the most common fungal diseases would be required preventive treatments by spraying the plants with wettable sulfur-based products. Will remove all diseased leaves from both the plant from the soil, so as to reduce the possibility of contagion. They should be removed also the tips of the diseased branches and implement pruning pruning to encourage ventilation of the plant. The wettable sulfur will be applied at regular intervals of about ten days, prolonging applications throughout the spring and summer. Using a nebulizer and practice spraying on the leaves dry, preferably in the cooler hours. The sulfur may be mixed with curative products based pirimidilici and triazoles.

In the case d occur on plants of black spots (scab), which is present on the leaf surface, of various sizes, you proceed to the specific treatments based copper oxychloride on dry leaves. We can implement the curative adding Mancozeb and ziram, and use the same treatment in the event that the plant is attacked by rust, a disease that causes the real pustules or blisters on the leaves.

Finally, for what concerns both insects and mites, we will manual removal (caterpillars and snails) and specific treatments The most common insects affecting roses are lice or aphids, which appear on the plant in the spring
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Treat the plants with products based on natural pyrethrum, remove them with a jet of water consistent, and use natural treatments based soap dissolved in water Finally, against mites using treatments in vegetative phase is not (white oils on), it is convenient to use specific products for mites (acaricide).

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