How Do to Dry Flowers

Dried flowers can have special significance, because the treasure as a memory for example, or are simply a decorative element that enhances the beauty of inside our homes.Achieve a beautiful dried flowers that last a long time decorating a corner of the house is possible by following a few simple tips and tricks to help you get the results you expect.

How Do to Dry Flowers

Here we show step by step how to for drying flowers, that are perfect, the procedure is quite simple.

1. Once the flowers have been selected we want to keep dry, should be put under running water from a faucet so you can wash them well.

Two. Since this step, you have to arrange them one by one on absorbent kitchen paper for a few seconds, and then, before it dries completely, wrap in another paper towels.

Three. Wrapped in tissue paper remains introduce them in the microwave on full power for 30 to 40 seconds only.

Try performing this method for drying your favorite flowers, and if you want to create a more attractive arrangement, such as a table centerpiece , then choose specimens of different species, with different shapes and sizes, for a dynamic array and fun to decorate one atmosphere of the house.

Why not take advantage of this beautiful season to dry flowers bouquet garden or gave you the other night? Dried flowers decorate, catch memories, melt in potpourri and decorated envelopes or passport photos, etc.. Here, we reveal how dry your most beautiful flowers.

Tricks to successfully achieve a dried flower outdoors
First, you must carefully choose the flowers you want dry, as not all are suitable for drying outdoors.

Remember to remove unsightly leaves. This is a very simple and inexpensive technique that involves keeping the flowers upside down in a dry, dark place, since being sensitive to sunlight, darkness only allowed to keep the original color.If you want to dry a bouquet of considerable size, such as the thirty roses you got for your thirtieth birthday, all flowers tied together with string or a rubber band.

How Do to Dry Flowers

Now you just have to wait and see from time to time evolution drying. The process can take a few days.The trick to not collect dust: Did you have to give up your dried flowers because of the dust that they engender? You do not have to worry, in the market there are special sprays to clean them and make them look more flexible.

To wit: If you just want a few flowers dry, use small hangers with clip.The trick to dry flowers Grandma: If in addition to dry the flat want to introduce them in the envelope of your most romantic correspondence, intercálalas between sheets of newspaper and top with a huge and heavy dictionary.

Glycerin drying flowers
It is true that you can use glycerin to facilitate drying of the flowers. Just buy it and soak the flowers before they absorb the product. To complete this process, enter them in a bowl of water and glycerin (3/4 of hot water and 3/4 of a cup of glycerin). When the flowers have assimilated all the mixture, place them face down and wait …

Silica drying flowers
Place the flowers in a container that can be closed (a lunch box or container with a lid) and containing a silica gel layer, cover with a second layer and keep the container closed for two or three days. Maybe you’ll need a brush to remove the crystals.

Decorating Trick: If a special occasion is approaching, take advantage and decorate the table introducing dried flower petals in glass or ceramic pots small and gives a note of contrast to a freshly picked rose and an ear of corn.

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