How to Decorate a Classic Style ?

Learn how to achieve a classic atmosphere in your home, choosing the colors, textures and appropriate supplements.

How to Decorate a Classic Style ?
Features classic style in decorating
The classic style has transcended and has become one of the trends in interior decoration glitzy most common in homes, but also familiar and routine. Is that your lines are simple: technology integrated into the landscape without exaltation, items with a past and a story to tell, comfort mixed with a touch of class and glamor of yesteryear.

Materials, textures palettes and classic style
Think elegance, refined and exquisite. The materials for all elements and surfaces must be nobles, especially the wood aged and elegant, like cherry, beech and oak, solid, colorful and sophisticated.

On floors and walls, natural stone and marble are noted, while in small areas and lack the porcelain elements (preferably hand-painted), crystals and iron and bronze details.

In genera, hand embroidery cross stitch are indispensable. The materials highlight brocades, velvets and natural silk, cotton linens as well as a basis for handmade creations full of opulence.

Their colors are similar to those of other elements: the cream, corn, light yellow, gold, green and gray, away from the sterile white crazy or bright tones. For details: French blue, bordeaux, green forest and some focal points Bishop and purple colors.

Elements and classic style furniture
In the classic style environments saturated with details. Glazed cabinets full of small statuettes, figurines and fine elements stand out thanks to the warm artificial lighting techniques and focused. Embroidered pillows on the couches, chairs high backrests and decorating huge free tables are the main points of the environments.

It is important to maintain symmetry in the blanks: paired reading chairs, tables uniforms, living sets and ordered to be reflected parts facing each other in the room are details predominant in this style of decor.

The pieces of furniture have to be classical-pun-veined woods and lacquered to look opaque. If you have stylish furniture but painted in colors, lĂ­jalos and wash them, to bring them into this setting. Above the comfortable, dressoires and tables, a path or folders handknitted in natural yarns especially the detail, complete with tea service trays of old porcelain, salt and pepper sets in pearl, bronze or porcelain, and figurines ornamentals. These combine perfectly with opulent framed artwork on the walls carved ridges.

Finally, technology is hidden, integrated furniture, decorated or aphthous forms, as in hardwood boxes or cases covered by elegant genres. The lighting has to be warm enough, not rich, and never in cool white tone. The chandeliers with crystals and tassels are exquisite detail for the common rooms while sconces and tapestries will be in the rooms along with simple lamps standing with screens in natural fabrics.

On the floors, carpets fluffy dark tones and classic shapes give the note, combining with heavy curtains Jacqard, moire and velvet.

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