How to Decorate the House with Flowers ?

Flowers enhance the beauty of any room in which it is located, giving joy, warmth and harmony to it.

How to Decorate the House with Flowers ?

Decorating with flowers

The flowers are ideal to decorate and enliven any room in the house, and even more, if they are in original pots . For that alone we should use imagination and use all kinds of objects in which plants can be placed that match the decor of the environment. In this way you can decorate the house with natural colors and flavors in an innovative and appealing.
Ideas for decorating with flowers
The choice of packaging is left to chance and creativity of each. Here are some ideas on original containers to decorate the house with flowers:.

– Fresh flowers can be placed in bottles or jugs unconventional colors and shapes.
– Glasses can also be used as wide or narrower cognac as champagne, also provide good opportunities gulp type vessels. All these vessels are rather small, you can distribute on a shelf or small table.
– Plants that should be on the ground, can be placed in old strainers that are no longer used, pots, platters, serving bowls of colors that have been deprecated, etc.. The materials of these containers can be varied, plastic, metal or glass.
– If somewhere in the house or in the little background we find small wooden drawers, you just have to sand them a bit, give them a coat of paint and a wall with stencil, or simply patinarlos barnizarlos and placed inside the plant chosen.
– If, however, we terracotta or clay pots, they can be painted with acrylic or apply any aging technique, placing them rustic ropes, etc..

The only important thing is that the container control is chosen to have an good drainage and in the case of fresh flowers, change the water every day. For plants that are in water renew it once a week.

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