How to make a sun in the garden

Every time the days are longer and the sun can be seen harder. Its rays trying to enter through the windows of your house and your garden is begging to make him company for them. What better idea to make a sun in the garden to enjoy the sun each day? Not necessary that you hire the services of a professional, because you can do it yourself. You put the desire, we provide the rest. Hands!

How to make a sun in the garden

To begin, you must decide the area in which you want to install the roof. Once elected, clean the area and leave it free of stones or anything that might hinder the work. The next step will be to place the bricks to have a good base of work. Arrange them into a rectangle and leaving it open squares, so that there is good drainage.

When you have secured the basis of work with bricks, you just put the stage on her. Go placing wooden boards without gaps between them. Make sure they are in perfect condition and that there is no risk, or what is the same, and will tolerate weight.

Then you will have to paint and varnish the floorboards. We recommend that you also emplees a special oil, you can ask about it in DIY stores.

Finally, to decorate your new roof, you can opt for some white hammock and giant cushions to the floor. We also recommend that you do a little way from the house to the solarium. I suffice a few white stones or a glass tile. The latter will depend on the type of style you follow your home and outside of it. No more excuse for not being brown in summer. Enjoy the sun in your own backyard!

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