How to make your room look taller

Following suggestions on how to make your room look bigger, we face another dilemma: Low ceilings do shake our stays and, if they are small, the “choke” even more.Roof color is important. A contrast between the color of the walls and roof color get create an optical effect to make the room appear larger. In general it is advisable to paint the ceiling in white, gray or cream. As you know, light colors attract and diffuse the light. But beware of the moldings! If painted the same color as the ceiling, will attract too much attention to it, so it is preferable to paint the color of the walls.

How to make your room look taller

If you choose the same color for the ceiling and walls, this is an idea that I liked: A halogen-lacquered ceiling reflects light like a mirror.
By placing higher curtains, the optical effect is that the roof will get also appear higher. Notice the difference:
In this room the curtains are positioned at the top, the roof has halogens and wall are placed different pictures. If look carefully, that senior officers are hung too high. Place pictures at a safe distance from the ceiling-That is not close-but in an elevated position will also produce an optical effect to make our rooms seem high. Another detail is the symmetry of the placement of the pictures. If we place keeping a straight line, the resulting optical effect is greater length of the wall.

As for the lighting, we must consider these tips to achieve an effect of spaciousness. Halogen lamps, spotlights, ceiling … In short, everything that betrays the low height of the room. And that includes the ceiling fans! The pendants provide privacy, especially in living rooms, kitchens and study spaces but our ceilings are not high, it is best not to put very low. In short, trying to make our rooms seem high, we face the same dilemma to get extent, have to make room!
As for artificial light, indirect lighting at strategic points such as headboards, bookshelves and other furniture pieces will get not only save space but provide privacy and personality. On the roof, it is preferable to flee bulky lamps. The halogen lamps, spotlights, ceiling and table lamps, combined with the aforementioned indirect lighting can completely transform a small room, getting it appear larger.
The furniture plays a vital role. There are pieces that we can not ignore and we can not charge the room so that the furnishings is a great way to save space and have storage. This does not mean we should leave open room without decorative objects or other pieces of furniture producing an effect “hotel room”. To complete the decoration, it is preferable not to be extremist, ie not much saturation of furniture and decorative items or commit the mistake of leaving a lot of space, because that will reveal the narrowness of stay.

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