How to recycle old books

Here are some ideas to recycle in a creative way the old books you have at home. Often you accumulate a number of objects that remain, however, because of throwing unused or worn or damaged. Just a little ‘imagination to transform these objects into the original home decor. For example, the old hardcover books can be transformed into a beautiful pot for seedlings. The procedure is extremely simple.

How to recycle old books

Need a utility knife, water-based glue (glue with which the pages of the book), a bit ‘of potting soil and a seedling small. This decoration is advisable to use a book, a map and big enough to be included with your jar so that you can to water without damaging the book.

Following the same procedure can also derive an original container for objects. If you have many books and want to leave them intact, use them to get the legs of a coffee table. With books you can create even the entire structure of the table! To complete the decor DIY simply lying on the books a glass top and you’re done!
You can use the pages of the books for the decoupage , an ancient decorative technique that is based on the use of images or scraps of paper or newsprint. With this simple technique you can decorate any object or surface. Experts can also dabble in creating the beautiful origami with which to decorate your table or home. Finally, you can use the pages of an old book as a gift card or to make cockades or the beautiful paper flowers .

I recently talked about various unconventional uses could be to books. One example was the recycling of the book as a work of art (I recently found another splendid example of this artistic side, in the hands of sculptor Guy Laramee books). In the same vein, a design blog recently published an article on how to turn unwanted books on postcards, giving them a new life. You can find the specific article on the website Apartment Therapy, a site focused on interior design and creativity. What really caught my attention the article, and what its author probably did not expect was the avalanche of negative comments about your idea. For many, the idea of ​​destroying a book, if only to recycle it in a way so original, it was inconceivable.

The debate generated by thread Marginalia article was interesting, mostly because all valid points of view expressed on the one hand, there were those who considered writing a book was defiling and spoiling the other had who thought that enriched the content and the reading of the work itself. Imagine if we applied the same debate in fact no longer write in the margins of books, but to transform completely, either to create an artistic work, whether to give it a new life as rudimentary project, as in the case of postcards. On one hand, it seems a crime to spoil a book like this, but then … what about the number of books every year become pulp, burn, or end up in landfills? Do not they deserve, perhaps, the goodness of a new life? When destroying a book to grant a new use, no break mean we should throw a favorite work or a copy valuable.

How many people know that instead of giving books to donate their surplus or simply thrown away? Many libraries, publishers and booksellers complain ending warehouses full of books that have already exhausted their useful life, and the simple fact of looking for someone to resell these books, or to whom and how to donate, is often very frustrating process. On the other hand, we all have a book that we consider null value, a low-quality seller never find an outlet for their state immovable shelf decoration.

How to recycle old books

What do you think? Is it worth destroying a book if it something beautiful or useful born? Or do you consider that every book is sacred and must be preserved? What ideas do you happen to reuse those works that no longer fit in your shelves? As always, we hope your answers in the comments.

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