How to restore antique furniture

In recent days we have been learning a lot about buying and furniture generally treat. For example, recently talked about how to make furniture , and we have learned where to buy second-hand furniture . If ye are encouraged to buy one or have inherited, then I am sure you may be wondering how you can restore an antique.

How to restore antique furniture

Go ahead very valuable furniture (style, very old or made ​​with woods) is preferable to leave them to the professionals. A bad intervention can damage them, so it will never be possible to recover its former glory. But there are things we can do to get the least valuable or sentimental value.

Varnish and paint stripping
If your furniture is painted or carries an ugly and aged varnish, you have to remove these layers to expose the beauty of the wood. The best thing is to use good quality strippers gels. They are used to apply a generous coat with a brush (better old or not very good, since the flux can destroy the bristles) and waiting for the product to sit for the time indicated on the package. To remove the softened varnish or paint, you can use a painter’s spatula with rounded corners with a file. Thus avoid that dig into the wood and make scratches.

Alcohol, dye and varnish
Once clean product layers (do not hesitate to repeat the application of flux as many times as necessary), take up the residue with steel wool and denatured alcohol. Furniture quality wood veneers or never be sanded, if they are Solid wood and not very valuable, you can remove debris with a delta sander and medium grit / fine. Is the time of coloring the wood, if necessary, applying a dye to the water, and finally two coats can wax, shellac to crankpin or clear lacquer. The finish depends on where you are placing the furniture and what it is used.

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