Landscaping for parties

Having a garden is the dream of many people living in homes and cities. If you are lucky enough to enjoy a garden in your home, insurance is beautifully decorated and today, from HogarTotal , then you celebrate the change of season with a garden party. So we will see some ideas for holiday decorating gardens , in which he and its elements are the protagonists.

Landscaping for parties

Gather family and friends, with or without a special reason is one of the great attractions of the garden. Adults can relax, kids play and everyone will enjoy a perfect day in which you will have a lot to do.

The ideas for a garden party could fill entire books, but do not throw the towel have less space and we present many fun and fast solutions for your ‘garden party’ is an absolute success.

Decorate the garden for a party
If your garden has trees, you can use them to hang garlands, lanterns and lights (you can take Christmas lights to decorate and surprise everyone). Also, you can plant vines in order to add small tissue paper flowers can make your kids and feel like an important part of the party.
If you want to keep the garden , and you’re afraid to spoil the lawn, you can try to identify the area with planters, or with their own tables or chairs.

Landscaping for parties

Another idea centerpiece we love is the stone of moss (moss can be replaced in autumn leaves or freshly cut grass in the spring).
Have in your garden flowers natural? you can make them corsages precious to put in vases, or with a loop on the table. If you do not want to cut them, you can put small pots in flower may bear as a souvenir after your guests. If not, the candles or fruits are an excellent alternative.

Serving ideas and decorate
Prepare a meal that does not make you cool in the kitchen, or slope to it throughout the party. If there is enough confidence, you can ask each family to bring your favorite dish, you know better and you will save a lot of work.

Landscaping for parties

Drinks are very important as well as beer, wine and soft drinks (the classics) ten long provided the drinks, a cocktail with or without alcohol and why not? Some fun smoothies or juices that give a touch of color to the table .

Do not forget to have on hand a bench, chair or folding chairs or a cushions resistant fabric and you only had to wait for the guests.
If all a holiday you think too much, you can always prepare a snack or even original, a breakfast! Do not you think your friends would be quite surprised if you receive an email inviting them to a breakfast party?

When the party’s over, you can give your guests some seeds from your own garden, you can put them in his, or perhaps in a pot. Surely with these tips to plan and decorate the garden for a party get to this event and never forget … Was not that the goal?

Landscaping for parties

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