Lighting Tips for the study area

Many people are not fully aware, but each room with light intensity and light color suitable positive impact on both health and yield. In fact, good lighting is vital to keep the mind active and, therefore, study areas should be carefully planned.

Lighting Tips for the study area

Constructions Group 1, consider these details and built with quality and strategic focus.
If you are studying or have children old enough to go to school, to high school or college, you must be careful when decorating the study area taking into account lighting. we help you this corner of your home have adequate light to achieve full concentration.

First, it is important to make the most natural light possible. So, we advise you to locate the table closest to the window, but preferably perpendicular to avoid reflections on the computer screen.

Artificial Light
As to the artificial lighting, it is best to use an intensity of between 800 and 1,000 lux, as below, the brain interprets it at night. You have to keep in mind that a screw bulb low power 11 W equivalent to about 600 lumens. Regarding the quality of light, it is best to be cold, between 5,500 and 10,000 degrees Kelvin (K). According to the experts, this is the best tone to stay active.

Lighting Tips for the study area

Other tips
The best way to study is to choose lamps or full spectrum lamps, as they activate the mind, relax the eye and increase productivity. If you want even more light, we suggest you choose light fabrics to dress the windows and interfere as little light penetration, especially if they are blank. Also important is the placement of the lamps (if you are right handed and place it on the left if you are left to right), and plan the plugs you need.

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