Maintenance pruning hedges

We will conduct maintenance pruning hedges: a simple job with the hedges that we will grow properly. . Traditionally, gardens hedges have been cut with scissors , but it is a slow and, at times, exhausting. Technology allows us to enjoy today some progress, such as hedge trimmers electric, that will facilitate this task. But before we get to trim the hedges , we must know the basis of the cut.

Maintenance pruning hedges

When performing maintenance pruning hedges, the hedge will start wearing more on top because it is in this area that tends to widen. Thus, make sure that the bottom is a little more outgoing. If we let grow the top end up overshadowing the bottom, it would remain bald, naked, and we could not recover and the lush greenery. .

We should also note that the hedges must be cut or pinzarlos very often so they are well dense and closed, in short, is more beautiful as they are. One of the typical problems of the hedges made ​​with conifers is that they tend to turn brown, with almost withered leaves, when they are affected by different fungi and insects. Avoid this situation by using a specific fertilizer that has a high concentration of magnesium. Magnesium, applied at the base of the hedge, give strength to the conifer and act preemptively, preventing fungi and insects deface the hedge. .

In this simple way we have seen how to perform maintenance pruning hedges and achieve adequate growth. If we are fortunate to enjoy a garden , sometimes well usually plant different hedges to demarcate areas or simply to decorate the garden . .This time we show how to plant a hedge to be located in a corner of our garden and help to delimit and separate it from the outside as well as reinforcing the wall we have. .

When planting a hedge in the garden , the first step we take will loosen the soil to perform best planting. . In the market you can find different hedges that we can use to place in the garden , and delimit. Here we find the most common:
Most common hedges to plant in the garden

Elaeagnus x ebbingei
It is a hedge that reaches three meters high and it takes about 2 or 3 years to reach full height. Hedge is a very vigorous and resistant to salinity. It is characterized by a slightly glaucous or gray leaves. .

Red Robin
Hedge Photinia Red Robin or fraseries a variety of evergreen and usually costs have foliage density at its base. Most característisco of this plant are its new spring buds growing in bright red. .

False bay
This hedge is characterized by its round leaves bright green. It is very vigorous and reaches 5 or 6 meters high .

Cupressus Leylandii
The Leylandii or X Cupressocyparis is a variety we see within the conifers . Can eventually reach 7 meters to 10 meters high and is a cheap way to get plant. By having such rapid growth requires many pruning and can become a problem. .

Laurel or laurus nobilisaso
It is a wonderful plant and its leaves can be used for cooking. Requires two grips per year and is a very smart hedge .

Once we decant by a type of hedge , will have to make the plantation . As you may have ground clay in our garden , before entering the hedge is recommended to introduce substrate to improve the soil, and mix with organic matter. Will also have to pay the earth to ensure that our plant can grow properly. .

Finally, we must do the same plantation with other hedges to get the plant closing we want. Also, everything you grow laterally will go pinz√°ndolo for the form we want.

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