Make Halloween Frankenstein Luminary Jars

Halloween is a festival that is celebrated worldwide on 31 October each year. On this day, people dress up in horror and creepy characters to ward off evil spirits, according to ancient beliefs.And Halloween is coming and seeing it as you come in a few weeks we are bringing you some simple and inexpensive ideas, to decorate the house on Halloween for anyone who wants to decorate course. And today we bring you a very simple and fun to make, with which you can decorate in a very easy way to your home or anywhere else for Halloween.

Make Halloween Frankenstein Luminary Jars

Therefore, the environment and the houses are decorated with these frightening characters, the popular is the legendary monster movie Frankenstein. The horror film, and the name of Frankenstein, is based on the novel by Mary Shelley. Frankenstein’s monster was portrayed as a hateful creature with murderous intent. Jars of luminaires based on this creature can impart an interesting angle for your Halloween d├ęcor. We are offering here some simple steps to make these jars.

Things necessary.:.

Old cans unwanted.

Empty glass or pet bottles.

Glass paint of different colors, like green, white and black.

Paint brush sizes.

Black cardboard sheet.


Glue stick.

Steps to make Frankenstein Luminary Jars:
Paint Jar: First, take an empty bottle clean and dry glass and paint evenly the whole bottle green, with large size brush. Green paint is preferred from the Frankenstein monster is believed to be of this shadow. Allow the paint to dry completely.

Eyes:. In the top half of the jar with black paint, draw a diagram of two ovals, vertically adjacent to each other. Fills the interior of these ovals completely with white paint. Draw a circle on the bottom of each of these ovals and black coloring to make big eyes.

Nose:. In the center of the jar, draw a white spot under the eyes. Maintaining the bubble size smaller than the eyes. This is the nose.

Lips:. Right under the nose, draw horizontal lines, sawtooth pattern. The size should be proportional to the eyes and nose. This structure represents lips.

Hair:. Cut a strip of black cardboard sheet with its length corresponding to the circumference of the bottle. Using scissors, make a cut in the strip at one end, leaving the other side intact, as we do in the case of the pompoms. Intact end is glued on the edge of the jar such that the end shredded monster represent hair.

To illuminate the bottle, battery candles can be placed inside the bottle. Ambient light can be switched off to allow the jar to glow for creepy looking. The idea in question is doing a nice lamps with tin cans . To make these lamps just need a few tin cans (each to choose the size you prefer) and paint with orange acrylic paint .

Once the paint dried orange, with a black marker paint them eyes nose and mouth to give facial appearance. Now we just need to put a small candle in each jar or canning jar and place them somewhere in our house. Easy? Truth? Also is a very entertaining for our kids and have a good time.

Make Halloween Frankenstein Luminary Jars

Make Halloween Frankenstein Luminary Jars

Make Halloween Frankenstein Luminary Jars

Make Halloween Frankenstein Luminary Jars

Make Halloween Frankenstein Luminary Jars

Make Halloween Frankenstein Luminary Jars



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