Prepare home for the holidays

Before we have to perform a number of tasks and thus prepare the house for the holidays. What around we do not get any disappointment! . Nothing ruins a vacation like knowing that, while you were out, at home there was a problem. Before you go do these tasks to ensure a peaceful and unwind. you may be an excellent host by following a few easy tips, such as food fill the cupboard and find out if one of your guests is allergic to pets.

Prepare home for the holidays

The holiday season is marked by family reunions. Often visits to homes from other cities or countries, with the sole purpose of celebrating with family this holiday year.

This time, when so many people are being sacrificed because of the economic crisis, many families may embrace more guests in their homes, rather than suggest that the closest hotel use. For visits not take unsuspecting follow the following tips.

Disconnect the water heater
As these large deposits of stored hot water at high pressure, uncontrolled water heater is a real risk in an empty house. When you ask them to install it close or query teach the instruction book, disrupts the water supply and remove the reservoir pressure. The instructions differ if the heater is gas or electric.

Interrupts the supply of optional features
To prevent sudden water leaks, before you go stops supplying water dispensers water from the fridge, humidifiers and heaters stack.

Unplug phones and electrical appliances
Summer storms and power outages can damage televisions, computers and audio equipment are available much power stabilizers. Before you leave home unplug electronics and divert phone calls to also protect from theft .

Place thermostats in temperature maintenance
If you can, turn off the central heating and cooling, but if you go in summer or winter you will have to protect your home from extremes of temperature. Place thermostats to a safe holding temperature of 13 º C in winter and 30 º C in summer. This will protect the house and its contents.

Preparedness Guidelines

• Find out if someone is allergic to pets. Before your guests to put on the way, homeowners who have pets should be sure to ask if any of your guests are allergic to them. Although there are medications that facilitate living with a pet, they are given only by prescription, so if the hosts will communicate the situation to its guests well in advance of the holiday season, ensure the comfort of all.

• Stock up bedding, towels, etc.. Guests have to wash and bathe, and feel especially comfortable if the room is equipped with remaining towels and even bathrobes when they arrive. In addition, we must ensure another change of linen available, and ensure that the sheets and pillowcases are clean on the day of the arrival of guests.

• Talk to your children. When you have guests at home during the holiday season, parents should talk to their children from the situation before the guests start arriving. Explain that they may have to share a room with his brothers, and make them seem as fun as possible. Tell them they have more people around for a few days is nice, and every night will be comparable to invite their friends to spend the night at home.

• Attend to your guests as long as possible. It is likely that when your guests arrive, they feel somewhat uncomfortable about being in a strange house. However, you can mitigate that feeling devoting as much time as possible, whether out shopping or watching a movie or sporting event on television.

• Fill the pantry. Although the hosts do not have the responsibility to provide three meals a day to guests, it is good idea to keep the pantry well stocked for every eventuality. This is particularly important if there are children among the guests, who have more appetite than adults. Ensure that, in addition to food, coffee and cups is enough to meet the needs of adults during their stay. Please also decaffeinated coffee and tea.

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