Put several sofas and armchairs in lounge

Having enough space for a couple of sofas, or sofa and one or two armchairs, may seem a kind. But try placing several sofas and armchairs, and they are well, can become a curse and make us wish he had thought of it.In order to have room for two couches or armchairs is always a blessing, nothing better to know different options and to decide collocates so for the right one.

Put several sofas and armchairs in lounge

The first thing to do to learn to put sofas to forget the rules, because there are. Place one or two sofa properly will depend on the shape and dimensions of the room, in the situation of doors, windows and other architectural feature in its possession that room.However, to ascertain the place sofas or armchairs are two recommendations that address:

– Sofas and armchairs in the living room should be arranged to encourage conversation,
– Sofas and armchairs in the living room should be placed so as to allow movement between them.

These two general recommendations to begin to think where and how to place, he or sofas, add the need to leave a minimum of 50 cm in front of each sofa or chair as I told you in ” Measures and basic distances to equip, furnish and decorate the home . ”

With this in mind, we can evaluate different positions for sofas and armchairs in the lounge.

Place two sofas at an angle.

Angled or in an “L”, is a common way of placing the sofas in the lounge. They place the two sofas, same or different as both angle and glued to the wall, if you want them in corner.This way it is possible to place two sofas in lounges, both square and rectangular, provided they are not too narrow.

A variation of this formula to place sofas is to use one of them as a room divider, for what was then not stick this to the wall, it will be available in the middle of the room.

Place two sofas facing.

If the room offers enough width, you can place the sofas facing. In this case also be identical or different couches, even aesthetically sofas be best if both have the same pitches.

In order to address two sofas must be a minimum distance between them of 150 cm and must be increased if the coffee table requires it.

Place a sofa and two armchairs in a “U”.

If we do not have enough room for two sofas width but we need more seats, we can opt for this solution, a sofa and two armchairs.Placing the shape is in the form of “U” or “C”; placing a chair to each corner of the sofa.This way of placing sofas and chairs is perfect for square rooms.

Place a sofa and armchair angled.

This way of solving a rest area in the lounge is a variation of the first, but best if the room is not too large.It is placing the sofa glued to the corner of the wall and a chair in the corner Extra is free of the sofa.

Place two sofas and one or more chairs.

In the perfect and if we need plenty of seating in the living room, we can choose to place two sofas facing or angled, and add free couches in the corners.

Place a corner sofa.

If space is tight but we need more seats would get one settee, we can choose a corner sofa. Although it may be confusing, the corner sofa offers more seating space for two sofas arranged in “L” and takes up less.

So this option is chosen by families or couples typically meet many friends at home.
Those that I have presented today are just common ideas and solutions to place repeated several sofas and armchairs in a room. However, as I said at the beginning of this article, there are no rules. Study your space, assess your shape and size, as well as the shape and size of your sofas and armchairs, and inspiration from these basic ways to do this, place your furniture in the room resting.

Put several sofas and armchairs in lounge

Put several sofas and armchairs in lounge

Put several sofas and armchairs in lounge

Put several sofas and armchairs in lounge

Put several sofas and armchairs in lounge

Put several sofas and armchairs in lounge

Put several sofas and armchairs in lounge

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