Safes luxurious

The safes are usually about extremely heavy and unpleasant but for its content. Since last many years not considered something to follow fads. A good safe or security box is generously sized high price. Inspect postings also on furniture , follow the link, there is an ordered list of relevant content for easy reference. Have you seen the postings here published on luxury homes.On the other hand technology is changing the ways of solving security problems and leads to the production of new resources and products to the market, among which are the security chests or boxes to take home.It is not a luxury protect money and valuables safe by installing a home. Depending on whether you want to save money, valuables and / or documents in paper or various digital media, there is a safe model that will accommodate our needs. Therefore it is necessary before buying a model, be clear about the place where to locate the safe, but also the kind of things we want to protect.

Safes luxurious

The particular burglaries have increased exponentially in recent years in the holiday periods and also in new neighborhoods where neighbors barely know. So much so that in many residential areas of the city have made ​​a killing companies that offer home alarms connected to alarm center.

But sometimes we were more relieved to support or replace this measure with the installation of a safe home, to protect our most precious asset as we walked out the door, especially if in our absence enters cleaners, babysitters of children, etc. .

The models of safes, chests or safes are made in Germany by a prestigious firm. This furniture does not have the appearance of the old, heavy and even ugly, now a safe can be visible or even in the middle of a large room in the house.

Safes luxurious

Recessed safes
Are safes ranging recessed some support, either in the wall, on a wall, in a column, in a closet or on the floor . Are typical sites behind a table under a carpet, etc.. but should weigh well the installation location and avoid the most predictable. The thieves entering the homes are very experienced and hard to find sites that pass completely unnoticed, but the time spent inside the house always plays against, so that if things get tough, it is normal that the thieves find another home with fewer security measures …

To embed the safes, you need to make a hole larger than the size of the wall box, enter the box and secure it well with concrete mixed with steel nails and finally plastered with plaster around the perimeter. Finally, where possible equals finishing with the rest of the wall. You can also shuttering the safe in a double wall made specifically for that use.Recessed safes simplest have only one key, but most common are those that require to be opened mechanically combination with one or more wheels that require a numeric password (from € 95). Newer models are opened by a electronic combination (€ 195 a simple model).

Safe sophisticated and retro design
Protect personal possessions staple something, something akin to the instinct of survival. It is also compelling that which one loves to have on hand for enjoyment at any time under their own, instead of going to the bank treasury. The science of security systems continues to develop, so manufacturers seek sophisticated means to elude foreign friends.

Safes luxurious

Safe with exquisite style
A system of standards helps people choose what best suits their needs. But there are cases where it is necessary to overcome the standard and here in the pictures is a sample customized solutions with high security technology, superior design and style.


Safe termination technology and luxurious
Jewelry and watches to watch this video of another prestigious house for manufacturing luxury safes. Once the decision is that you need a safe home, should consider what type of things keep on it, and if we want to protect them from theft or fire.

Safes, high security and approved
Protect objects, money and documents against theft, but it is necessary before making the purchase decision determine the level of security you want (sometimes they ask for insurance companies) or if you need a specific security level.

The level of security is established various approval authorities, and should come inside indicated on a plate inside the safe, along with another set of data (year of manufacture, certification body, testing standard that has continued …) . In the demanding European regulations are contemplated from 0 to VI levels of security, but there are also models that follow the American rules, the Scandinavian …

Safes luxurious

Superimpose Safes
Such safes are widely used, since they have the advantage that can be easily installed without professional assistance. just need to be screwed onto a surface, which is frequent in closets accommodate. Its main disadvantage is that you have found the location, showed the presence of the box completely, so that their safety is not at the highest level (although it may not be what we want). Opening systems are similar to recessed boxes, models exist only key mechanics and electronics (the latter two combined can lead opening with key).

Fireproof safes
If you want to save in a safe are paper documents, cash or digital information , you have to weigh the possibility of installing a fireproof safe. Minimally protects the robbery, but mostly it is effective against fire. There are different models certified capable of withstanding temperatures above 1,000 degrees Celsius for 60 minutes (suitable for paper) or 120 minutes (ideal for digital media).

Current legislation in our country have also demands special safes and approved to keep guns at home, even if you have the relevant possession permits. There are different models for long gun and handgun, with different degrees of security also.

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