Shelves for storing fruits

Last week I wrote an article where I taught a attractive way to decorate the house with extremely saturated, where even the packaging of food had much to do with the design of the spaces.

Shelves for storing fruits

Well, today I bring you an ideal element for the kitchen where you exposing fruits and vegetables like a box or an element in the decoration, helping not only to preserve food but it also, in its early consumption in good condition.

These shelves proposed Fruitwal invite us to preserve the fruit after the tree, on these platforms ideal for those who does not like fruit in the fridge. Recall that due to the cold, some fruits and vegetables rapidly lose their nutrients, flavor and texture.
Fruitwal is a hanging shelf minimalist design created to give maximum prominence to all your fruits and vegetables in any room in the home. Some packaged in the kitchen, others prefer to play around with the decor locating it in the dining area. great ideal!

With this ingenious solution, in addition to a decorative, creative and our natural spaces of the house, we get the fruit is much better at room temperature, stimulating consumption of food rich in vitamins and proteins.

With this rack, you can monitor the status and the stock of your vegetables and fruits, thereby causing spoil anything encouraging us to consume an ideal product to our daily diet.

Shelves for storing fruits

Shelves for storing fruits

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