Solutions for kitchen problems

Keep the kitchen tidy seems an impossible task if you do not have much storage space. With simple accessories and much easier organizers.

Solutions for kitchen problems

     in order to maintain the house not easy task especially when we do not have much storage space. At least not that we needed. And that is very common in today’s homes.
Perhaps the place where it becomes more evident that is lack of space in the kitchen. And of course, piled food, cans, bottles and accessories on top of each other. The result? That when we do one of them, there is no way to find anything. And few things alter both nerves and spend a long time looking for something that is needed most urgently.

   Here are some solutions for kitchen problems

Solutions for kitchen problems

To fix some things just require for starters, of course, some good will and to follow a few accessories organizers. Offered As  “Brabantia”  .And it’s no nonsense: these organizers modular kitchen were a few months ago with the prestigious IF Product Design Award 2012.
His secret is simple:  allow you to view the contents of the drawers can be placed with them together all the things that are needed, for example breakfast, and then take out “tray” whole and put on the counter or table. This So, you know where to look when looking for something in particular.
Thanks to its modular design and the different sizes available, it is easy to organize them according to the needs of each individual and the size of the drawers or dressers where they are placed. Moreover, once inside the drawers, do not move because they have a non-slip base. And they are supplied handle for easy handling.

Solutions for kitchen problems

If you have one of those shallow drawers designed to place the silverware, you may have it absolutely full of things without any sense. To know where you find everything and to the first, of   “Howards ” sold in its stores a lot of cutlery.
They come in different sizes and heights. We seem very practical the bamboo. Because they are very elegant, perfect for placing in wooden crates. But also because they are extensible, so they are easily adaptable to different sizes of box.
The same shop has some in storage containers BPA free plastic of different sizes and heights with which to make your own organizer. To your needs, to your taste, based on your needs (and your drawers).

Solutions for kitchen problems

another problem that disturbs the peace of the kitchen has to do with not knowing where to put things. Especially bulky foods. As the potatoes, always clogged. Well, “Cuisine Paradiso” presents a solution that can not be simpler.
This is a bag to store and preserve the potatoes. Due to its cap with velcro and be lined with an opaque coating preserves the product ordered and fresher longer. Includes a rigid sides to keep it upright and a handle for easy handling and storage.
If you like this idea, bags include carrots, onions, bread and bananas. All of them very practical and fun designs, to have them always at hand, even on demand.

Solutions for kitchen problems

     Sure we can have the kitchen organized-even the refrigerator and freezer have a disastrous. And with a daily menu even more disastrous. To address both with a single product,” Lékué “ launched Portion Server, plastic containers, with the exact size of a serving.
Thus, you can organize the daily menu, and freeze it out every day before going to work – and bring in one of those bags we have discussed on other occasions -. Because they are sealed, suitable for defrosting in the microwave, easy to unmold, and suitable for babies. And as have few guides together or separate, the freezer is always in order.

    Now we can solve our kitchen problems by these wonderful products

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