The chair that surrounds us

This famous chair, which we see in television, movies etc.., Was designed by Danish architect Arne Jacobsen in 1958 for the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. Oval shape is the one that gives name to the design , simulates an egg . Its silhouette and high back surrounds who use it, this is what its creator intended, that people had privacy in public buildings. The structure is made ​​of polyurethane, which resolves it into one piece. We see that the seat, back and armrests form a unit , and thus, its ergonomic shape and anatomical becomes a very comfortable chair. The main part of the chair is supported by a structure that permits rotation metal and a slight rocking. And for added convenience is the cushion with the same upholstery as the rest of the main body.

The chair that surrounds us

This design of more than fifty years so we can place in any room of our house, regardless of decorative style to it. It is a piece that could be called wild or timeless, ie in contemporary environments with current upholstery would be the center of attention or in a scene in which abundant classical influence upholstering the leather could well get to be the focal point of stay.

Designed in 1965 by Eero Aarnio, reflected the spirit of the 60s, however their designs were designed for durability and quality, did not agree with the pop culture ephemera and desechable.El cross it off the set designer for house one day were some businessmen and decided we had to market it, was a great success and icon design “60”.

Possibly many could not afford then buy designer furniture in this way, and possibly now could not be with them as ovaladamente chairs disproportionate prices as more than 6,000 firm euros.La Home Decorate distributes them more affordable prices , real replicas of the then, made ​​of fiberglass, covered in red or black fabric. Manufacturer : Home decorating

The famous Egg Chair , designed by Danish architect Arne Jacobsen in 1958 and manufactured by Fritz Hansen , will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2008 with 999 designs limited edition . This collection will include for the first time in chocolate brown suede on the back of the chair and dark chocolate brown leather on the front.
The sophisticated combination of leather and suede is perfectly complimented with a base of solid bronze hand polished to create a unique finish. In addition, the bronze base will darken over time creating a nice effect increasing. Each of the 999 seats Egg have recorded, in the part located under the cushion, the version number and a brief text about the history and origin of the Egg chair design. Each will be accompanied in addition to a special limited edition book on the 50th anniversary.
Originally designed for the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen (Denmark), the Egg chair today is considered a global icon design. Its design is more popular than ever and we can see all over the world in places as famous and unique as the National Art Center in Tokyo, luxury hotels and private residences.

The association between Arne Jacobsen and Fritz Hansen started in 1934. Arne Jacobsen Fritz Hansen approached by its advanced manufacturing techniques, high quality and precision. Currently, Fritz Hansen remains the only manufacturer in the world that manufactures original Egg chair design.

Ovalia Egg – Egg Armchair 
Dimensions: 78 W x 70 D x 140cm tall
fiberglass structure in glossy white color cloth interior.
Colours: white structure in red or black fabric
Approximate price: 800-900 € You can buy a cat , put the name ‘ Baldomero ‘and feel like Dr. Evil or Dr. No … or imagine that you are a character in Men In Black

The chair that surrounds us

] The chair that surrounds us

The chair that surrounds us
The chair that surrounds us

The chair that surrounds us

The chair that surrounds us
The chair that surrounds us The chair that surrounds us

The chair that surrounds us

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