Wall Painting With Spray

Spray painting, also called air painting, is a fairly easy and quick to paint the walls of the house with the DIY . Because it requires less effort of painting with a roller, is also suited to women DIY enthusiasts who want to try to dabble in this task usually all male.

Wall Painting With Spray

To practice you need to purchase a separate air pistol which will be released on ink-jet printing. compatible paintings are of different types and can be both water and synthetic , choose it according to the effect you want to achieve.

Here are some practical tips for spray painting:

For your safety always work in ventilated rooms and using appropriate protections (gloves and mask)
Cover all parts that should not be painted , especially if you are a beginner you may not be very precise in directing the jet of painting. Use newspapers and board for the floor and masking tape to baseboards and jambs of doors and windows.
Use a paint suitable for spray painting . If the paint is too viscous can add a suitable diluent to obtain the appropriate features.
If necessary, strain the paint to remove impurities and dust that might otherwise remain attached to the wall. Usually in the air guns you already have a filter.
Be sure to fill the tank with the amount of paint needed to paint the entire surface of your choice (eg a wall), this way you will avoid unsightly cuts in color.
Connect the gun to the compressor .
Adjust the sprayer doing a test on a hidden area or on a cardboard.
Paint the wall taking sprayer at a distance of about 20 cm from the wall and moving in a horizontal.
Wait until the wall is completely dry (at least 24 hours) before proceeding with the second hand .
If the net effect is a rough surface the two possible causes: a painting too thick (so to dilute) or having held the gun too close to the wall.
Conversely, if the paint tends to flow along the wall means that it is too weak and does not adhere well to the wall while spraying.

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