Watering of indoor plants

The proper development of indoor plants depends largely on irrigation that we give to them. And unfortunately, many mistakes in this regard: or we give them too much water or do not give them enough. The second error is cleared and we could recover the plant. The former is more serious. A plant “drowned” it’s hard not to rot and die.Generally indoor plants need to be watered when the soil surface is dry to the touch. This is not to say that we should let them dry out, but if we let almost completely suck previous irrigation water. We should avoid frequent irrigations and standard surface and only them if necessary.

Watering of indoor plants

Irrigation will make it as follows: Waters entire floor surface, until you see that the water flows through the drainage holes. This water will flow, the empty it a few minutes later, as leaving it on the plate, roots rot.The irrigation water temperature is recommended to be friendly. Cold water inhibits growth and staining the leaves of various plants. Also pay attention to chlorine because some plants are very sensitive to chlorine in drinking water. If you use tap water, it is advisable to let it sit for a day before use so that the chlorine can evaporate.Plants adapted to arid regions (such as cacti or succulents) better support the lack of water. However, they require more frequent watering in summer, because their growing conditions are maximum.

How green water plants in case of prolonged absence? Here are our tips for the holidays rhyme with indoor plants and good health.

Moist soil, water bottles … There go our solutions express
- Fill the tub with water a few inches and placed several terry towels. Now you just need to put your plants on the soil moist : drink at your own pace without choking. Just look at that roots are not washed by the water, as it would be fatal. – Another solution: Cape gets a thin rope in a bucket of water and leave the other end into the soil in the pots. Soak rope earth if the bucket is placed over the plants. – Otherwise trust your plastic bottles . The trick is to pierce the base of the bottle, fill it with water and stick it in the ground, with the stopper. Put a tutor for the whole. – If you have no time or desire to entertain with bottles or wet soil, they sell plastic beads to fill them with water. You can also bring your plants to a greenhouse with water reservoir (humidifier length: 3 weeks), but not all support this system. Namely: Add fertilizer in the water consistently.

Watering of indoor plants

You will give a boost to your plants. What if they have lacked water? – If, despite all care, your plants have suffered in your absence, immerse urgently in a bucket of water until the soil is completely moist. When the plant resuscitate, place it on a shady place . – You should know that it is easier to save a plant that has lacked water backwards. – For the future, opt for plants that need little water (or nothing) to live. Cacti and in general, all plants have rigid or compact leaves are the perfect example. Dec├íntate by these rather than by others.

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