What to put at the foot of bed

Today the rooms and halls have very little space to put extra stuff, so if you have an unused place it is best to make the best use of it. There are many options to choose from, depending on the style and type of room decor and use that will be given to the service unit. In okdecoración we explain the common and practical ideas on how to decorate the foot of the bed.

What to put at the foot of bed

Ideas to decorate the foot of the bed
A couple of chairs:
If you love to read in your room, you can put two small upholstered chairs with arms or simple at the end of your bed. With a bench and a small lamp for reading, have a perfect and comfortable for your free moments.

A small sofa:
This furniture is very good to put on the end of a queen or king. Put a good reading lamp near and decorate this chair with a soft blanket and a pair of decorative pillows.

A lower drawers or a trunk:
A low piece may look better in most rooms, but do not completely rule out the high. The drawers of cabinets are used to store linens, blankets, books, cd’s or dvd’s you can use in your room. A trunk can store linens and extra pillows, and a good piece of wood can be a good balance with upholstered pieces.

A desk:
With a small desk at the end of your bed, you’ll be able to use and enjoy your room during the day. There you can read your mail, write a letter, make your shopping list or call in the comfort of your own room.

A small table can give a bit of space for books, collections, family photos and even a small TV. This table should not be much higher than the point where the mattress ends.

Stools or benches
This is the smartest choice for our bedroom. You can put a long or two are alike.

With the sole purpose of storing shoes are the shoemakers to the foot of the bed, specially designed for this space with a height less than traditional furniture to shoes.

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