Accessories knives safely

Good tacoma extends the life of your knives, keeps you up cuts and gives personality and fun to your kitchen. No te lo pienses Go for it

In every kitchen in the world there are a number of instruments that is absolutely essential. pans, pots and batteries , silverware and of course, to eat knives and, of course, essential for cooking.
. We will show-and-prove that besides these two functions, there is a third very significant: decorating knives. Course, these instruments are used in the Tacomas that are saved. Although a priori not imagine, there is something for everyone.

Accessories knives safely
For the more adventurous will love the proposed e-My . Because they can be more imaginative and fun. Mostly Magic Box, which not only going to appeal to lovers of magic. consists of a rectangular base on which is lying, “the beautiful assistant” who go through with knives without hurting anyone.

Do not think that this tacoma is simple fun, because it has five knives of different sizes and for different uses. And with four wheels that can move the tacoma … to show viewers that there is no cheating!  Or simply to place it where we need.

If yours is not magic but nature. And you want your kitchen look round and spring, do not hesitate.  the best way to put a pot of flowers from pots and pans.
As if it were a plant, consisting of a tacoma Fiorino shaped pot where born five stainless steel knives with handle of ABS-like flower. de trinchar y fileteador. This set features a bread knife, a cook, lace, carving and filleting. They are dishwasher safe.
This design for e-Alessandro Bove My colorful kitchen because the pot is available in two different combinations: purple-orange and red-violet. A vibrant hues that provide energy to one of the busiest rooms in our home.

Of course it is universal tastes and many of our readers a kitchen prefirán more serious and elegant. So we want to make classical solutions to save knives. Como la tacoma universal de la firma Iris , pero siempre guardados. As the universal signature tacoma Iris , perfect for having knives at hand, but always saved.
El exterior es de madera y su interior está realizado en tiras de nylon . The exterior is made of wood and the inside is made of nylon straps that let you put any type of knife. It’s a simple way to extend the life of your best tools for cutting. It is available in white and black.


Accessories knives safely

WMF wants to give more importance to the content that the continent and therefore presents a collection of knives ‘Elements’. They boast of having an extraordinary sharp and modern aesthetic. The blades are forged from high-quality special steel and ergonomic plastic handles.
Knives come presented as a game in which a knife is included vegetables, meat, bread, cook, a sharpener and a support stylized, simple, elegant, and black and white plastic.

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