Imagination Child Carpets

Place a rug at the foot of the bed of your child is a gesture that decorates. But this also makes cozy room where children spend much time

Imagination Child Carpets
Until a couple of decades, the idea of putting a carpet on the floor of the nursery, which was closely related to getting out of bed in the morning, the child does not put their little feet warm in the cold ground. And, of course, not a bad reason.
But for a while now-and-increasingly, rugs go far beyond preserving the heat of the lower extremities. Because it has become apparent that the carpets are a fundamental part of the decoration of the space of the kids in the house. That which we so carefully …

For example, help to give your bedroom the look of the place where all dreams can come true. And that is a lot. But also can help define the play area. And, of course, get implanting into space a touch of comfort impossible without a rug.
But the easiest way to understand what we are talking about is to take a look at the proposals of some firms. Because of Vertbaudet , getting-along with the rest of the furniture from the same collection-mount a real scenario story in your room.
So the carpet ‘flowers’ of 100% cotton tuft. Composed of natural fibers, is perfect for girls who dream of princesses and dress in tones of the piece: bubblegum pink, fuchsia and purple with a slight touch of green as spring.

Many children, however, will dream of living a great castle and become a knight of the court. Well, be possible without too much trouble with this rug series ‘Castle’ of the same firm.
It comes complete with a bookcase, a quilt, a trunk, a nightlight, shelf reading and a set of curtains with pockets. Certainly vacuum your carpets Vertbaudet advised several times before use. Although water washable.

The ideas of the Catalan firm J & T BCN to dress children’s rooms also seem very funny. Because they like to experiment with textures, shapes, with materials, with heights.
The tests are for instance, carpets with silhouettes of vehicles, such as scooter or truck. Both are made of one hundred percent cotton, cut pile and 21 mm high. They also have skates, an ambulance and a submarine.
But have other options, such as the so-called ‘Hearts’, which can not be more feminine. Very for ladies by their colors: pink background that highlights the red hearts and white polka dots. It is made of artificial silk. Hearts have a height of 21mm in height and the rest of the piece, 15mm.
And as they do as carpets, rugs also intend to make drawings from the children themselves. For example, a family portrait, or home could wear the floor of the small room. In the action required and cotton or wool.

The result will be similar to this piece of Lorena Canals , made in c OLLABORATION with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation.’s handmade, cotton and AITEX certification (non-toxic, natural dyed, fire retardant, mite, and antirasgado suitable for babies).
Like the rest of the carpets of this signature can be machine washed, measures 120 x 160 and is sold in Mooimaak . That how are the rest. There is everything from stars, Moles, flowers, circles, boxes … In red, sky blue, navy blue, beige, pink gum.

Another option is to directly launch into the jungle. Course has to go well accompanied. For example, a lion, a lion, a rhinoceros, an elephant and a giraffe. And with strong colors to stand out and brighten the room of the little king of the jungle. Is the proposal for signing Basque Shut up and called Fauna.


Imagination Child Carpets


Imagination Child Carpets


Imagination Child Carpets

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