Brighten your office with a cup very personal

Going to work every morning be more tolerable if your job is cheerful, funny, smart … And you can get if you put on the table one of the mugs that we offer .

Brighten your office with a cup very personal

It is true that sometimes it is easier to return to work after the holidays than others. Usually the difficulty is less if we love our work, if we have a good time, if the atmosphere is nice … And if we have an office or a comfortable table, cheerful, where glad to have some fun.

Well, to us that we have come a good way to make the space more enjoyable (plus it is sorted, what we talked about at another time ) is to have a cup-mug-or give you something environment to the office desktop.So a bet that’s fun, lively, with sense of humor.

It is a very simple, practical and economical to give color to work. And to get that soft drinks, water and coffee are more flavorful. Look proposals eg + D2. Eames are signature and can not be happier.

They are ceramic and are illustrated with colorful images, a concept that is part of the philosophy of the firm. Perfect for a delicious drink that, if desired, can be hot-are suitable for microwave and dishwasher. Have six models to choose from, for example, depending on your profession. The more creative, the paints and pencils. Most intellectuals of book spines.

Sure you may prove what is that you feel like you enjoy a great sense of humor. Or, simply, you need a good dose of laughter at work. In that case, we suggest you bet on the fun cups e-My.

The three models available are really fun. The series is named after Notorius Hat. And you will see that the reasons are obvious. Because these mugs will not go unnoticed on your desk. To begin with, because lead hat (besides decorating serves to maintain the temperature of the coffee or tea). To follow, because the designer Andrea Vecera has drawn them a most expressive faces.

There are three designs to suit the personality of each. Charlie has a thick mustache and a bowler fun, in the style of Chaplin. Nerd is a real smart guy who wears glasses, dark circles and gown.And Clint is the hardest type of place: a cowboy with mustache, neckerchief and cowboy hat.

The more feminine and delicate office will want to opt for one of the delicious signature dolls Kimmidoll . Inspired by Eastern culture, these beautiful figures remind the kikeshi, Japanese traditional dolls XVI century, the peasants elaborated on hand to give them as a symbol of love and friendship.

Each has a different meaning expressing one of the ‘real values of life': happiness, love, friendship, peace, harmony … For example, the blonde Ryoko is a symbol of elegance, while Norika what is beauty; and Chiaki, joy. Come on, that one of these on your desk, you will make a real statement of principles to your teammates.

Brighten your office with a cup very personal


Brighten your office with a cup very personal


Brighten your office with a cup very personal

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