Improve Your Kithchen By Pans

Choose pan can be more complex than you think. Here is a guide to help you decide which type is you need as your material, weight or color .

Improve Your Kithchen By Pans

It costs that we are in february. That until we pass this bump, barely think about spending money on a purchase, perhaps related to the sales. But it is also true that some acquisitions are essential at least once per five years. Although well contain costs, some items need to be changed from time to time.

Just because you spend, do not function as they should.And may even be harmful to health. That is at least what happens with some pieces of kitchenware. Specifically, the pans. Following years of daily use, the release liner can be lifted. Food sticks and ended up eating so unhealthy.

So we encourage you to take a look at these proposals as cooking practices. Especially decorative are the Guzzini Latina and her collection. These pans, and pots and pans-out for its ceramic coating that just need oil.

It also has an ergonomic handle, made of ABS, which facilitates its use. And you get your kitchen is very personal. Because you can choose between different colors: purple, orange, red and black. That combined with a very special cream tone of the rest of the piece.

Pans offering Valira may not be as aesthetic, but they are incredibly practical. called Air Collection and is made of cast aluminum. That is its main feature. And is, for example, that the pieces are deformable. Todo un acierto. A success.

But not the only one. Because this material is also very interesting to be an advantage: these pans are 30% lighter than other products in its class, which greatly facilitates handling and transfer. Come on, that is ‘lighter’ flip the tortilla.

Furthermore, the stick is enhanced for easy cleaning, and is free from PFOA, which makes them environmentally friendly. The special fund patented by the Spanish firm allows use on an induction hob with a spectacular performance: reaches cooking temperature in 40 seconds.

Of all the pieces, perhaps the most iconic is the grill of 28×28 inches. Designed with a scratched surface separating excess fat from meat, water and fish or vegetables. Thus obtained results more tasty.. Food is cooked in its point without having to be a great cook.

Those of Silit are also leading experts in the world of the pans. Distinguish between various materials according to what are to be used. For example, Silargan pans (high-tech ceramics) uncoated. They are perfect for cooking foods such as meat strong or chips.

Those of CeraProtect carry a mineral-based non-stick coating. Require minimal use of oil. And leading Silitan coating are ideal for frying eggs. Its surface is very strong and durable, while the handle is heat-insulating. Just one flaw: not suitable for induction cooking.

To perfect a wok vegetables from the Dutch firm Royal VKB called Boomerang. Thanks to its unique shape, with the recessed edge, the ingredients come and go with a single hand movement (hence its name, always return to the center of the pan).

Or, if you do not want to lift the pan from the heat, with the help of a simple spatula. Available in two sizes (small, 28 centimeters) and dark gray.Improve Your Kithchen By Pans


Improve Your Kithchen By Pans


Improve Your Kithchen By Pans

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