How To Decorate Shabby Chic Style ?

Funny, romantic, personal, shabby chic style interspersed with flower power and naive romanticism. Meet fundamental bases to decorate teen rooms, work in your room, or at home.

How To Decorate Shabby Chic Style ?

Features shabby chic style
The shabby chic decorating style is characterized by the use of white and pink color palette warm as indispensable. The motifs of flowers and patterned fabrics in this design are not lacking, and the elements to remember to contact with nature and fun: rubber boots for walking in the countryside, colorful and romantic umbrella walking in the rain, baskets collect fruits and flowers, and a myriad of small details in every corner merely decorative are essential to achieve this style.

The taste of the old remains and remains at each site. Unlike retro, vintage shabby chic look hard, memories of a simpler time focusing on the 1960s and 1970s. The stridency of disco can be reflected in spiral patterns in favorite tunes, fringes of acrylic in the light fixtures and curtains the braids and colorful plastic beads can acclimate entire room with his presence.

Very feminine in nature
The shabby chic style is primarily female. From the color palette to the floral motifs present in furniture, faucet parts, furniture knobs aged white, even in the case of many couch cushions or embroidered comforter on the bed. Festoons and curtains in fabrics flowery curtains alight on pale pink or white, good steamy, inviting them to dance with the breeze coming through the open window.

In each room you will see flowers: natural vases elderly glass, wallpaper on the walls, into the fabric of the screens of the lamps standing and table we approach the time of reading novels, always in sight on shelves light wood that look in every corner.

The elegance of shabby chic style
The shabby chic style pieces used in other decorations, could be taken as opulent. Cut crystal glasses, pieces of Murano chandeliers gold plated bronze or pose with wicker baskets and rattan chairs around in a delightful eclecticism that gives rise to this style.

Daily use of these classical elements is what makes updates and pieces of delight, a goal of this style that reminds us of the importance of relaxation in a chair, or a daytime nap in a hammock with flowery cushions.

The furniture, classic styles always intermingled shine in soft colors with aged and worn techniques. The appearance sought is full of stories, of furniture purchased in the flea market, or have passed from generation to generation. Same as crockery, porcelain and very elegant, which is placed on the table with linen napkins cotton prints or economic, combining both aspects daily. And flowers in every room, from natural air-freshener, even in clothing who resides in this home romantic, free and personal, especially for the ladies looking to enjoy life and connection to the natural and the intimate.

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