Upholstered Base for any Mattress

Did you know that there are upholstered bases fit for any mattress? Pikolin , Flex and other brands have developed base material coated with sweat, breathable upholstered bases BAS . Eg Divalin Pikolin 3D has a 3D fabric, an innovative material microchannels composed of polyester fibers, which provide maximum ventilation and high permeability.Or the Base Tapilight Flex, a point guard designed as the core honeycomb mattress provides ventilation.

Upholstered Base for any Mattress


1) The breathable upholstered bases (BAS) are fit for any mattress is spring, visco, latex or different foaming.

2) an upholstered base you can enjoy a break with its large homogeneous support surface

3) the breathable upholstered base increases the life of the mattress

4) BAS support will have a healthy and hygienic rest. By its great capacity for ventilation, prevents the accumulation of moisture and bacteria.

5) breathable upholstered base is lighter and easier to move.

6) The aesthetics of a breathable upholstered base is greater than that of a conventional mattress.

7) There are models with upholstered bases breathable padded layers increases the adaptability of the mattress.

8) Available in various colors.

9) In some breathable upholstered base models you can choose the number of legs and height

10) The breathable upholstered bases are made of a more elastic material than wood which makes it more resistant to deformation and impact, avoiding breakage of the corners.

Moreover, its price is very affordable for any budget. The price of the upholstered base Divalin Pikolin Stretch can be found from just € 121 individual measures and measures 153 € in marriage.

Keep in mind that BREATHABLE upholstered bases apply to any mattress. A conventional upholstered base is only suitable for spring mattresses.

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