Maintenance of wooden outdoor furniture

The furniture of outside timber must be resistant to weather and climate changes. They are usually made ​​of tropical wood, for its high strength and its undeniable beauty. But still, they need minimal care if we want them to last as long as possible without deterioration. The teak furniture, for example, only need one coat of teak oil annually.

Maintenance of wooden outdoor furniture

Maintenance of other wood furniture
There are other woods that are much less resistant exterior teak but with proper care to hold up well over time. These woods need to be sanded when they start to deteriorate. Follow these steps:
1. Removing the varnish: Firstly, if the surface was painted and has spalling, the varnish must be removed. To do this you can help with a wire brush.

2. Sand the surface: The second step is to sand the surface. Dogfish have different thicknesses. To no wrong can start sanding with a thickness of 80 and gradually reduce the thickness as you go seeing the results, one of 220. With this get no wood damage and ensure good sanding. You manual or electric sanders sanding.

3. Remove sanding dust: In the process of sanding dust is you have to remove with a clean cloth so there are no impurities on the surface. You can even help aspiring previously.

4. Two coats of paint: To finish the pieces are painted. You can use a brush or roller. Once given the first coat, sand the paint in the direction of the wood grain with 100 grit sandpaper thickness. Remove excess powder back and repainted with the same paint in the direction of the grain. Ideally, give two coats of finish paint to be perfect. Ah! and wait 24 hours between coats and tieimpo leave enough for the paint to dry completely.

One more tip: when choosing the paint color, keep in mind that dark colors end up losing brightness when in the open, but not detract from the clear to both the passage of time.

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